NEW US CH Spinillons Truly Unruly.     Multi Ch Magnolise Tiago For
Spinillons - Amsterdam and Brussels winner 12.    Ch Spinillons
Rebel Rowser JW SH CM Wins his 8th Best in Show.
What a start to the New year.  Bonnie becomes an International
Champion and gives us our 41st Champion title.  

Rebel Starts the year off with his 8th Best in Show at Chichester CS  
( under Sigurd Wilburg and then Jeff Luscott )   Caree wins 2 classes,
BP and Puppy Group 3, Zuzzi wins Reserve BOB......

and To Top it off  Bozza wins Best Veteran in Show as well.
Bozza wins his 5th Conseq BVIS.
At Horsham Spinillons Classic Caress Wins RBPIS and has
since multiple Group 1st/placings.

Rebel wins his 9th BIS ( 2nd BIS in a row ) at South Eastern
Counties Toy dog Society on 4th May under Avril
Cawthera-Perdy.  He is only the 2nd dog to do this in 51 years (
the first also being a Papillon ).
Ch and Ir Ch Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM won her 10th CC at SKC  
while her son Rebel wins the RDCC and Caree won 2 classes and  
her JW
For the second year running Rebel green star dog , Best in Show and overall Best in
Show ( his 10 th ) , Saffy green star bitch, rbis papillon , Caree reserve green star
bitch and Sera best baby puppy in show and overall best baby puppy in show

( 3 generations ) then at the Irish toy Rebel won the green star and BOB , with Caree
his daughter delighting us by winning her first bitch green star from Junior opposite
him and Sera winning best baby puppy in breed and then went on to get 3rd best baby
puppy in show!
Tiago wins his Beligum and Danish Ch titles in two weekends.  
This gives him his 6th Title.  Gilbert Wins his 2nd CC towards
his German Title and He wins his International Ch . Subject to
conf. last weekend. ( his 8th title and 2 Grand Ch titles )

Rebel Wins another RBIS and he and Caree both did the
double winning won Groups at the weekend.  
I got through my infusion and though tired I am just beaming with
elation and  had to share the exciting news.

I am Very proud and delighted to say that 10/10 dogs tested, plus one
extra special boy, have all been tested at optigen USA and all come
back  showing they will not develop the form of Progressive Retinal
Atrophy caused by the Pap_PRA1 mutation.

As a side note all my dogs are tested healthy with  Certs for Patella (
0:0 ). ALL are indeed healthy and fit for function though I think my
purse is broken now . We are  very proud that we are still the only
breeders/exhibitors with dogs having been able to win top awards
from the good citizens classes.

DNA Test Completed June 26, 2013

Owner's Name and Address: Jo Davidson-Poston

* Registered Name: Ch. & Ir Ch  Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM
Registration #: 0569CT Tattoo/Chip #: 956000000828656  Call Name:

* Registered Name: Ch Spinillons Rebel Rower JW SH CM
Registration #: N/A Tattoo/Chip #: 956000000821635 Call Name: Rebel

*Registered Name: Spinillons Classic Caress JW Registration #:
AP03105401 Tattoo/Chip #: 956000000814061 Call Name: Caree

*Registered Name: Spinillons Annabelle SH CM Registration #:
0088CW Tattoo/Chip #: 956000000821627 Call Name: Annabelle

*Registered Name: Spinillons Seranade Registration #: AQ00829801
Tattoo/Chip #: 956000000821974 Call Name: Sera

*Registered Name: Spinillons Sofistication Registration #:
AQ00829101 Tattoo/Chip #: 956000000820639 Call Name: Sofi

Jo Davidson-Poston & Karen A Farrell
* Registered Name: Spinillons Zuzzi JW Registration #: 2478CW
Tattoo/Chip #:956000000821027  Call Name: Zuzzi

The Following two dogs belong to Lorriane Nelligan  have also been
passed Normal.
Registered Name: Spinillons Goldmali Had To Be Me Registration #:
AQ01556802 Tattoo/Chip #: 9560000001453767 Call Name: MeeMee
Spinillons Born to Be my Baby

Watch out for Trace who also passed his eye Exams. <G>

Test Performed: Pap_PRA1
Sample Type: Swab
Test Results: Genotype of your dog is NORMAL
Risk for developing Papillon PRA1: This dog will not develop the
form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy caused by the Pap_PRA1

Significance for breeding: Genetically Normal/Clear dogs can be
bred to any dog and will produce no pups affected with PRA due to
the Pap_PRA1 mutation.
Windsor  - Rebel Dog CC from Good Citizens, Caree BPIB, RBCC and PG4,  Sera - 1st
Minor Puppy Bitch.  Best Breeder in Group  28.6.13
Tiago wins his internation Ch  ( his 7th Ch. Title ) at Genk Belgium on 29.6.13
All in a day out lol
Tiago wins his 1st Green Star at Bangor CS
Rebel wins another Green Star and RBIS at the Phalene club of Ireland
Saffy wins another Green Star and BOB at Bangor
Sera wins another BPIS and overall BPIS
Sofi wins her first BBPIB at Bangor and then BBPIS at the Phalene club show
Caree wins another J Class and RBGS  
on 16th August Under Eileen Bates At WKC REBEL Wins BOB and
GROUP 3, he does the Double with his Mum Saffire CC/RBOB,  
daughter Caree wins her 3rd  LB, Sera - BPB, NB and Sofi Wins her
first Minor Puppy Class.

Ireland Tiago Wins another 3 Green Stars With BOB
Caree Wins All her classes with new Irish Junior Ch.
Sera Wins all her Classes.
Rebel Wins the Champion Stakes at Tralee
Sera Wins Puppy and Junior to win her JW at 8m 10days.  Caree wins
another RCC from limit.
At Belfast 28.9.13  Rebel wins BOB, Saffire RBOB and Sera Best
puppy, under Grace Godwin and she then goes on to Win the puppy
Group under Andrew Brace.

At Barking Canine Society Spinillons Seranade Wins BOB, Best Puppy , Adult Group 4
and Puppy Group 1 ( Judge Ian Gabriel and Aileen Coull )

Rebel Wins CC/BIS and Sera Wins Reserve Best puppy in Show at South Wales
Papillon Club Show under Jim Ness 6.10.13.
Pap club show Rebel Wins BIS and the special memorial open stakes
Tiago Wins Best Phalene in Show
Sofi Wins 2 classes, Best puppy Bitch, Best Minor Puppy in Show and Reserve
best Puppy in show ( her 9m birthday today )
Caree win 1st Open and Reserve Best Bitch and 2nd in the Special stakes.

Plus in Belgium Bozza became new Belgium Veteran Ch and BVIS4
We have had such a lovely run of shows, its been too hard to
keep but we are proud to announce that Subject to KC conf,
Sofi will know be Known as Spinillons Sofistication JW

and Added to our happiness  Zuzzi will now be known as
Spinillons Zuzzi JW SH CM ( he had a super win going  RBIS at
Rugby CS, the last time we were there his father Ch & Ir Ch
Ibstock Bright Spark For Spinillons SH CM CW 10 won BIS )

Over  in Canada Spinillons Goldmali it had to be Me won
another 2 BOB and point towards her Title.  Her last 2 shows
she also won Back to Back Best Puppy in Groups.

However the highlight of the weekend for me had to be that the
Westminister Kennel Club held their 1st Agility comp ( 9.2.14 )
where Ez
 ( MACH Spinillons  Seymour MXS MJC ) handled
by one of his trainers John York  Went on to
MAKE HISTORY  and Win the 8" divison.

To say we are proud is an understatement.
Well done To Erin and Marilyn his owners, I knew he had
promise and you guys with the help of Gayle and John
took him all the way!
Caree wins her SH CM in style with a BOB and Group 1
and Sofi RBOB, BP and PG4
TOP BREEDER and TOP OWNER 2013 ( Papillon Club Rules )
NEW Champions 2014  (  54 Ch Titles )

MACH 2 Spinillons Seymour MXS MJC ( USA Agility )

MACH Spinillons Ammer Dora MX, MXJ  ( USA Agility )

Canadian Ch Spinillons Goldmali it had to be Me -  Mee-Mee
Titled  with BOB   17.5.14

and her Father Rebel becomes the 3rd generation of Spinillons
GB Ch to win their Irish Title the same day his daughter wins in
Canada!  Way to Go Lorraine and Marianne.

GB Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW SH CM CW 14
( Judge Mr J R Walsh - Ireland )

Added  to the wins

Ir Jr Ch Spinillons Classic Caress JW SH CM Wins her 3rd
Green Star with RBOB to her father.

Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM Wins RGSB
Spinillons Zuzzi JW SH CM Wins RGSD

Spinillons Annakee Best Puppy Bitch

Tinklebury Super Sprout Spinillons Best Baby Puppy and
BBPIS4  on his 1st Show out ! Judge Mrs O Donoghue

Multi Ch (7) Magnolise Tiago For Spinillons CW14 Wins his 6th
GS/BOB and Pulled out in the Group Cut!
BEST IN SHOW / BOB Papillon ( winning her 4th GS ) - Our 5th
Generation of BIS winners at this Show - Ir Jr Ch Spinillons
Classic Caress JW SH CM CW 14

RBIS Winning his 2nd GS - Spinillons Zuzzi JW SH CM
RGS to Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW SH CM CW14
and Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM

Best Baby Puppy In Show and RBPIS - Spinillons Annakee

Judge Miss Eilish Nealy  

At the irish Toy Dog Society - Judge Mr Bryan Claydon
Spinilllons Does the Double plus BBPIB
BOB winning his 8th GS - Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser
RBOB and Winning her 10th? Green Star - Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons
Saffire JW SH CM

Best Baby Puppy in Breed Spinillons Annakee , followed on by
Best Baby Puppy in Show 3 ( under Eilish Nealy )

In Phalenes Tiago Wins his 7th Green Star and BOB to gain him
his Irish Championship - Subject to IKC Comp

Tiago is our  5th Champion in 2 weekends , 2 Rings, 2 Types!
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