Eddie the Eagle, Zebedee and Jo
Eddie the Eagle, Sparky and Zeke at a Charity PAT dog Football Match
Zebedee and Pam St Clemments  ( Pat from Eastenders ) at Crufts
With thanks to Channel 5 news for sending a copy of their interview  with  Jo and Spinillons.
IT WILL take a while to download as it is a HUGE file, so please be patient .
As you can see (b/w)  Zebedee ( Ch. and Ir. Ch. Ibstock Bright Spark for Spinillons SH CM)  is enjoying the  cameras on him very
much......definately keeping an eye on the camera man IN HIS  house lol  ( He actually  went on to win his class at Crufts) .   Timmy (R/S/W)  is
completely uninterested in anything  going on, he doesn't  know what all the fuss is about and is happy to sleep lol  
Zebedee and Pat
from Eastenders
Eddie the Eagle with Sparky
and Zeke who were working
as Pat dogs at a charity
Football match.
Zebedee, as a Puppy & Jo
at Crufts on the PAT dog
Stand with Eddie the Eagle.
shoots etc.... here are a few of the special moments we managed to capture.
Sparky and the gang passing their basic agility course.
Zeke raising money for PAT dogs