At the Alfreton and District CS under Judge Eddie Bishop Spinillons Isadora JW ( top
pap pup 07 - 2 CC's )   Won BOB and Group 3 and  her Son
Spinillons Zuzzi Won Puppy
and Post graduate and Won BP and Puppy Group 1.  It was a lovely if cold and
miserably wet day lol.

At Kinsston under Gordon Haran,  Rebel wins BPIB, Puppy Group 1 ( from 13 Entries )
and RBPIS Under  Colin Mackay.

Spinillons Zuzzi also Wins his Post Graduate class and second in the Puppy Stakes
and Spinillons Simply Sinful owned by Karen Farrell wins 2nd in Post Graduate and the
Minor Puppy Stakes.
We are really Proud to say that Gilber is now know as ......

Georgia Ch.  Moldovian Ch. Romanian Ch/ Grand Ch, Bulgarian Ch./ Grand Ch. Cyprus
Ch  Powdermill Touch the Future Spinillons JW SH CM , Albanian Winner 11, Aphrodite
winner 11, Balkan Winner 11
In  Ireland on 31st  July 2011  Spinillons had a great visit under Judge Grace Goodwin .

GB Ch Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM  Won the Green Star Bitch and RBOB
Spinillons Isadora JW Won the reserve Green Star
Spinillons Rebel Rowser won Puppy and The reserve dog Green Star
Spinillons Zuzzi and Spinillons Annabelle all won Their Classes.
At Bakewell on 4th August  Spinillons had the most Super but wet day out.
With thanks to our breed Judge Tim Ball and Group Judge Lynne Salt.

Spinillons Isadora JW Won BOB and Group 4
Spinillons Annabelle won RBOB
Spinillons Rebel Rowser Won BP and Puppy Group 1
Spinillons Simply Sinful owner K Farrell Won  Post Grad and Best AV Toy Puppy
Spinillons Zuzzi Won Junior and 2nd in a large size puppy Stakes class.
As of 8th August Our Special boy Gilbert is Now known as
Cyprus Ch. Macadonian Ch. Georgia Ch. Moldovian Ch.
Montenegro Ch. Romanian Ch / Grand Ch. Bulgarian Ch /
Grand Ch. Powdermill Touch the Future SpinilIons  JW ,
SH CM, Albena Winner 11,  Aphrodite Winner 11, Balkan
Winner 11   
With thanks to Justin and Dorothea for handling him for me.
At Bournemouth on 14th August 2011 under Esteemed  Judge
Vanda Williams,
Ch Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM wins The Bitch
CC/RBOB, her son
Rebel  wins Minor Puppy and Best Puppy
and her Grandad wins Best Veteran.
 Spinillons Zuzzi wins
Puppy dog and Novice dog, Spinillons Annabelle wins Limit
Bitch and
Spinillons Isadora JW wins 2nd in Open to Saffy.

At Tralee Ch Show in Ireland on 21st August under American
Judge Mrs K Radcliff,  
Saffy -  Ch Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM
wins BOB, then goes on to win Group 9 under Mr B Miller and
then Blows us away by Winning Best in Show 4.  At the Same
Show her
Grandad Zebedee - Ch & Ir Ch Ibstock Bright Spark
For Spinillons SH CM, CW 10 Wins the Green Star dog and
RBOB ( aged 12 years old )
 Spinillons Annabelle wins  the
Reserve Green Star bitch and
Gilbert - Ch (7) Grand Ch (2)
Powdermill Touch The Future Spinillons JW SH CM  Albena and
Aphrodite Balkan Winner 11, wins the Reserve green Star dog.   
Spinillons Zuzzi and Spinillons Rebel Rowser win their classes
On At the Leics CS show on 29.8.11 under Mr B Rix ( Ricksby )  Spinillons Rebel
Rowser won Puppy and Spinillons Zuzzi Won Junior and Post grad.  He then
went on to win BP and RBOB.  These wins give him enough points for his JW.  
We are so proud of this little fellow.
On 18.9.11 At darlington   Ch Show under Vanessa Cox, Rebel wins his 4th  
BPIB and is pulled out to the final cut at in the puppy group.  Spinillons Isadora
JW wins another RBCC and Zeb wins his class. Zuzzi gets a respectable 2nd. in
PG...However  To top it off the Spinillons Brace was  handled by my friend and
they won 3rd and to finish our day superbly Spinillons  Team Won the KC
Breeders Group 1, under Albert White.
Spinillons currently Top Papillon and 2nd in the Toy
Group in the KC breeders Stakes Competition.
Just had the most amazing News that as of Saffire Winning
BOB, Group 9 and BIS 4 at Tralee, she  is now to be known as

Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM

At her next Show , Driffield,  Saffire Makes Breed History
Becoming the First Papillon and one of the very few Dogs to
Win the CC from the GC class.

We also won the Breeders Stakes Group 1.
At South Wales KA  Rebel  Wins BPIB and then goes on to Win the
Puppy Group under Frank Wildman.

At the South Wales Papillon Club Ch show  Rebel wins Two Classes,
Best Puppy dog and Best Puppy in Show.  This is his 6th BP Win.  
These Wins gave him enough points with some to Spare to be
awarded his JW.  We are So proud of him.

At the SWPC show we also won Best Breeder in Show and Best
Fringes in Show.

At this present Time Spinillons Are the Leading Papillon Breeder and
No. 2 in the Toy Group in the  KC breeders stakes Competition.
At the Hitchen and District CS Show on 16.10.11 Spinillons Rebel
Rowser JW Wins BOB and BP under breed specialist Estelle Kirk,
then Win Group 4 and Puppy Group 1 under Mrs Pennington and then
Goes on to win BPIS under  Mrs Sandra Ireland.
At the East Kent CS on 6.11.11 under Maureen Lee, Rebel Wins
BOB, BP, Group  2, Puppy Group 1 and under Annette Oliver
he then goes on to BPIS.  His dad Gilbert won  the Champion
Stakes just to start the day off with a bang.
Spinillons Finishes 2011 winning Top Papillon Puppy and also Top Papillon Breeder
and 3rd in the Toy group in the KC Breeder stakes.

Rebel Finishes his year Winning The Good citizens class and BPIB and then Goes on
to win 2 consequtive BOB and A Group 4 and a Group 1.

I am so proud of all the dogs in our team and thank everyone who supported us!
Spinillons Seymour Wins his master Agility CH and Wins Multiple  
Fastest Times all Heights along the way!.  Way to go Team EZ.
Spinillons Annabelle won Open and AM Ch Magnilse Tiago for
Spinillons won 2nd in the Ch stakes.

At the last show Magnolis Tiago for Spinillons Made Breed History
being the First Phalene to win a chi stakes class.  He has had now
1,2,3,and 4th Placings which we are proud of
Spinillons Rebel Rowser Wins Best in Show, Am Ch Magnolise Tiago for Spinillons
Wins Best Phalene and Best Fringes in Show at the Pap club Show, At the Same Time
in Norway our new Import No Deals Deal With it Win BOB Puppy and Puppy Group 3
from 24 Breeds and at the same time in the USA MATCH Spinillons Seymour is
continuing his winning ways.  Way to go Everyone and thank you to the Judges
My Very Special Boy Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW SH CM, Rebel
qualified for the EASM yet again at his first EA area show  (
herts & Essex 18.3.12) by Going
RBIS and finishing his SH CM
with 8 points to spare too.  Judges - Breed and BIS Steven
Seymour and Group Tim Ball.
On the 8th April , My Very Special Boy Spinillons Rebel Rowser
JW SH CM did us proud again by Winning  Best in Show at the
South Wales Papillon Club Show under Nick Farrugia ( cholas ).
On 14th April My Very Special Boy Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW
SH CM, Did us very proud by winning Best in Show at the
South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society Show.  Breed and
Group Judge was Mr Nigel Marsh.  The line up was very strong
and so it was a really super win for him.   At the Same Time
Spinillons Simply Sinful won CAC, CACIB and BOB in Norway
for the No deals Kennel.  A very lovely weekend for all.
On 25.5.12 At the Papillon Club of Ireland Rebel Wins BIS and Overall
BIS,  Annabelle Wins RBIS and BOS, Cedric wins BBPIS and Zuzzi
Wins the RGS.   Judge Hans Hilverda
Another Few RCCs for Rebel and To make us even Prouder at Diese
CH Show in Ireland on 1st July,
 Spinillons Zuzzi JW Won
Intermediate Dog  under Mrs A White and then Went on to WIN BOB
and pulled out in group 9 under Mr N White.   
Another CC ( for Rebel his 2nd ) and  few RCC's too.  Also Annabelle
wins another RCC and finishes her SH CM title.
NEW CH Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW SH CM - Titled at SKC
under Annette Oliver !
Tiago wins BOB phalene and Club Show winner 2012 and Qualifes for
Dog of the year, Truly wins Winner bitch and BOS in the states and
Saffire comes back from her first show in a year and wins her 9th
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