The Gallery
The agility Gallery
The Show Gallery
Gwen Swann
Jo And Daniel at the Western Wall
Jo, Rosemary and David
Leslie,  Bertie and Sparky
Sally Hiding behind Zebedee and Virginia
Arik, Jo and Rachel
Daniel and Visiting Twig
J-L and Timmy
Nana Neeta and Daniel
Rosemary , Sally and David ( after making Sally up )
J-L, Beccie and Timmy
Heather  resting
Jackie and Heather
Daniel and J-L
Rick, J-L and Jackie
Great Gran, Fee and J-L
Sparky and Puss-Puss
Marian, Fly and Timmy
Tuli and Jo in cold wet scotland
Jo and Tula walking in Scotland
Jo walking with Zeb,Tula, Marian and her mom and their dogs in Scotland.
Zeb and Zeke at Aldenham country park
Zeb and Fly
Zebedee amnd Zeke
Guess what I just did
Zebedee after his swim
Jo and Favourite boy Zebedee after winning Runner up in the pro dogs stakes
Lewis and his friend on the beach in Scotland
Lewis trying not to be blown away on his beach walk
Fly taking her Group 4 Rossette to play with.....
Extended Family Gallery
Zeke and Fee-Lyn
Issy, Fee and Timmy
Fee relaxing with Zeke
Zeke and Issy
Zeke, fee and Zeb
Issy anZeke