Grooming, Handling, Judging
and Micro chipping.
judging  a range of breeds, ( passing the KC requirements of a dog show judge
with 100% score) Feel free to contact me regarding any Toy, Gundog or Utility

I am now on the  A3 Papillon Judging list - With Many Thanks to the Papillon
Butterfly Dog Club Committee.

I am also on the B list for
The Italian Spinoni

C- List
Curly Coat Retriever
THE Clumber Spaniel
The British Chihuahua Club C list for Both Smooth /  Long Coat Chihuahua
The Northern Pomeranian  Club

I believe that everyone should be able to see a copy of all judges critiques on
their dogs.  Should anyone who has been under me ( at anytime )  been unable
to see their critiques please contact me and I will make available a copy .

I am also pleased to help Offer Grooming advice and occasionally   
Help/Assistance with Grooming, handling/training when health allows.....

As I wholeheartedly  promote the importance of  Microchipping and now it is a
government requirement  that all dogs must be chipped , I will always try help
undertake micro chipping to Support the Club Rescues and anyone who needs
help.  Don't Forget Cats Too!

For years now we at Spinillons have  ALWAYS FULLY endorsed  everyone
Micro-chipping their pets.  We had our 1st dog done way back in 1995 and  
Amazingly  this became our  saving grace when he was stolen (aged 9) and
then  returned  1 year, 1 week later  thanks to his Micro Chip,
( See Sparky's Page on this site )
If you wish to have your dog/pups micro chipped or hear more about the  
benefits of chipping first hand, Contact the club rescues or contact me for  
arrangement. )
JO with Her BIS and RBIS at the Papillon Butterfly Dog club Show