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ever age,  is matched up perfectly to  the right forever  home, be it as a pet or show prostect,  so we can be sure everyone is happy.   
Please  know that  we care a great deal for our babies and because of that  we offer  a life time of support and friendship as well.   
Sometimes in life things happen and to help you out will always take the  dog back to us to us, No matter the reason and we do it with  
no questions asked, so our owners dont feel worse.

For the record,  We do not breed to sell/make money, we primarily only occasionally breed to continue our lines and when we want
another baby for ourselves for the ring. We  health test all parents before breeding and every year just because we want to know
they are well. We will only  use  the best lines  and give our all for our babies and so that means we want the best, most loving  
homes  FOR  on the odd occasions we ACTUALLY do  have something to adopt out. We do not ask crazy prices for our dogs as many breeders do, WE WANT LONG
TERM LOVING PALACES  for our babies and so therefore we ask that if you contact us, please do not insult us by asking for
something  even cheaper,  as we don't charge much compared to most homes and that includes those with lesser quality breeding
programmes compared to our, it is insulting to us with the amount we put into them, the quality of dog  and the amazingly and loving
pap you could likely have for the next 15 + YEARS if you are the right home......,   We want homes who would do anything for one of our
babies throughout their lives, not one who looks for cheap short cuts and poor qualiy dogs.   Loving homes is the most important
thing to us  to say the least

If  you wish to contact us directly  regarding anything else, if you have questions on the breed in general or even to ask who has
puppies to place.  please  fill in the "contact us" form directly below
or click on Hope for an Email link or  you could also click the messenger above if its shows us as on line  

We are also Available on :-   Telephone/Fax No. 0044-(0) 208-959-7868  

Yahoo Messenger -  Spinillons/Joseydp1       Aohell instant Messenger (AIM) -  Spinillons    MSN -  

NB:  Our Computers ARE On 24/7 and in Close proximity to us  So please Note that  If You are Messenging or Calling Us From Abroad,
Please be considerate and  remember that  We are in the UK and So Times Are Different.......
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Companion/Show Dog  Interest form.
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Have you owned a dog
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How many members are
in your household?
Do you have any young
children yourself  in the
house, planning any in the
future  or kids  visiting
regularly?  If so give
Do you work?  Who will look
after the dog during the day?
Is your  garden Fenced  /
Have you any dogs/animals
now, if so what are they. If not In
your adult years  have you
owned a dog? Did it die of old
age ?  if not  what happened to
it?  Has a dog in your care ever  
been stolen, killed, poisoned or
other wise? Please give
appropriate details.
Do you have  preference for  a
Male or female Pap  and or
want a specific color ? Is there
any reason why?
Do you plan to neuter
or spay the pap?
Have you ever  bred a
litter in any breed  or  
shown /  competed in
any dog sports before?

Will you be looking to
do so in the future?  If
so please give details.
Assuming  you have
had a dog before, can
you tell us   where you
got  it  from and can
we contact the
previous breeder for
references?   If  not,  
why not ?  Also  Do
you have a vet or
other suitable person
as a reference.? We
require 2.
For  Anything other than
adoption enquiries
                   taking on  the  responsibilty for the next 15+ years.  

Will you be able to/ have the time to keep them occupied mentally and physically ie  exercise, groom, train and love it...
Will you be able to teach them to be clean in the house and not chastise them for  messing on your new carpet while learning....
Will you be able to sympathise but be firm when he cries being away from his mother or litter mates for the 1st time......
Will you be able to cope when he barks and howls for a few days/weeks until he settles down in his new home with you....
Will you cope with the mountains of hair they shed everyday all over your house and your clothes...
Will you Regularly give treatments to de-worm, dee flea and stop ticks....
Will you  Vaccinate and take your dog for   regular check ups every year for their entire life .....
Will you be able to cope on a wet day with muddy feet on your clean floors, clothes and on your beds when he jumps up.
Will you be able to make sure a responsible person is home all or most of the day to look after and make sure they stay safe.....
Will you be able to cope when he is teething and chewing on your clothes, shoes, table legs and practically anything in view....
Will you be able to ensure that your property is safe and will keep your dog in and other dogs out.......
Will you be able to ensure that your dog wont have access to poisonious plants.......
Will you be able to ensure that your dog has a place they can call their own, to have some peace and quiet some times....
Will you be able to ensure that when your dog does want quiet he wont be disturbed by children or annoying people.....
Will you be able to ensure that that bitch you have who is not yet spayed will be safe till she is either spayed or health tested and bred
in a controlled manner.
Will you make sure that that dog you have who is not yet neutered  is under control and safe not bothering any bitches/people
Will you be able to cope when he howls like crazy for a bitch.
Will you remember that if you have children after your dog, that you will remember to not forget them and still give them lots of love
and attention so that they don't feel left out.
Will you be able to cope with the dogs and the kids in the same space and cope with all the hygiene  immplications of the dog playing
with the babies toys and visa versa........
Will you remember that you have legal responsibilties with having a dog, these include not allowing your dog to bark and cause a
nuisance, All dogs must wear a named collar in a public area, You must clean up all messes from your dog,  Keep control of your dog at
all times, especially in public areas or near lifestock.
WILL YOU remember finally that buying a puppy DOES entail you taking responsibility for it for its entire life, in sickness and in health.