J-L Graduating
2 Legged Family
Come meet my 2 legged  Family.
Sam, Dani and Zeke
Dani and Missy
Rick, Jo, Sparky and Shayna May
J-L and Zeke
My Nephew Malachi- Ben
Jamie-Leeanne and Samuel
Daniel 1st Day of Nursery, J-L 1st Day of school
J-L and Great Grandma at her Graduation
Mum and J-L
Dad and J-L
Great Grandma and Sam Resting
J-L 1st day nursery
Rosemary and J-L at the Pap club cracker day
J-L and Sami at their party
Jo, J-L and gang
Dani, J-L and Sami
Zeke, Zeb and J-L
Timmy and Sami
Sparky , j-l and Zeke
Sam and Timmy
Jo and Rick
Jo and Rick
Rick and Sparky napping
Jo, Rick and Zeb
My neice Lottie
Great Grandma and J-L
Muriel and the kids
Muriel and Daniel
Dani and lego land
jamie-leaane at lego land
Rick and Sami
Mum,dad, Bernard and Patricia
Mum and Samuel
Sammy, Danny, J-L and Mum
Dani, j-l and Sam playing on a plane