What a Weekend to remember.  We drove up to  Scotland on 15th May. Showed at
SKC the next day under Carl Sparrow , winning
 Special Yearling Bitch with
Spinillons Isadora JW and Limit Bitch with Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM  and then  
the next day at the Scottish Papillon Club Show   Under Breed Specialist Hazel
Barr, at his last ever Ch. show
Ch. and Ir Ch.  Ibstock Bright Spark for Spinillons SH
 wins Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show.   Spinillons Isadora JW wins Limit
Bitch and the RBCC
, Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM wins Open Bitch and the BCC and
also at her last Ch. Show
Ch. Ibstock Tululah for Spinillons  wins Special Brood
To say we were so proud of these girls at such a young age  is an
understatement.  Thank you to those that helped me with my dogs as I only had
one pair of hands.  It was a weekend to remember and a great way to retire Zeb
and Tuli.  The end of an era for me but a well deserved rest for them now.
We are so proud to announce one of our biggest wins to date.  Our Bozza Wins the
CAC, CACIB , BOB, Group 1 and then went on to win  Reserve
BEST IN SHOW at the International show
in Hulten in the
Netherlands, WHAT A HUGE WIN for him.  Many thanks to Carine Rutten for her
expert help in handling him for me,

We are also proud to say that across the Pond on the same day Spinillons Seymour
who is bozzas son, won his first points to his US title.  Well done Easy, Marilyn and

NEW CHAMPION......... At Windsor Ch, Show on 28.6.08,  under long time  
breed Specialist Veronica Hourihane.
 Saffire Gained her 3rd CC.  She is the 3rd
Generation Ch. in my home and the youngest ever ch. that I have bred or owned.
We are very proud of her.   

To make the weekend even better
Bozza won the CAC, CACIB , BOB and
Group 3 in Uden in the netherlands.
 The weekend cant get any better.  
Thank you so much Carine for your help handling him for me.  You are doing a
great job.
On 20.7.08, At the biggest every all breed entry at the Worthing and District
CS,  Saffys, last entered all breed show,  
Ch Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM
Wins  BOB, Group 1 and
Reserve Best in Show and Spinillons Ditty Dots
Wins Best Puppy in breed and Puppy Group 3.  The total number of Paps
was 34, 12 were Puppies.  Breed and BIS judge was Stuart Band, Group
judge Mr Raymond O neal.
At the Papillon Club of Scotland  show on 23.8.08,  Ch. Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM
wins BB and BOS and Spinillons Isadora JW wins Limit Bitch.
As of now Bozza is now a Dutch, German VDH &
international Champion. (subject to kc conf)  With Many
Thanks to Carine for her help.
October 23rd - After the death of our beloved spin and  a long time without any
gundogs in the home, our long awaited new addition to the family arrived.  
Definately the best medicine to get myself back on my feet again, thats if the family
give me some time with him of course.

With Many  thanks to Gladys and Hadyen Phillips, we are now proud to introduce
our new boy  
Gladrags Jack Daniels at Spinillons.   I could not take my eyes of him
from the moment I first saw him and am grateful I got the chance to bring him home
and look forward to many happy years with him.
At my first show back from surgery,  I am pleased to say that Spinillons Isadora JW,
Wins BB and BOS at the Papillon Club show under breed specialist Mr D Colyer
and Old Zeb -
Ch & Ir. Ch Ibstock Bright Spark For Spinillons SH CM won BVIS.
We just heard that at the CAC Show in Germany,Castrop
Rauxel,Festival Der Rashunde,
 Bozza went RBIS. Way to go
Bozza, your second RBIS abroad, we are so proud of you.
A Crufts - 09 - Spinillons Isadora JW wins 1st in Post graduate
Bitch from a large entry.

Meet the new kid on the Block  Gilbert!
Bozza Wins BOB under Nigel Marsh and then goes on to  the Group under Dick
Terry at the Woolwich and bexley canine society show.  15.3.09
On 4.4.09   Gilbert wins BP at his first Show, Isadora wins RBOB and Bozza wins
BOB.  To top this off Zebedee wins Best Veteran in show,

On 5.4.09  At his 2nd show but first club show, Gilbert wins PD, Bozza at his first
club show home,  wins Best in Show and Zebedee wins Best Veteran in show
again. We are so proud of the team.

At Gilberts first Club Ch show he qualifies for Crufts, wins best puppy dog and
At his 2nd Ch show gilbert again wins a large class and wins Best Puppy dog.

At Dunstable and district CS Gilbert wins BP, RBOB ( beating his Multi ch. cousin )
and then win Puppy Group 2.
In Scotland Gilbert wins Two puppy dog Classes and a special b/w or tri class (
beating adults ),
Bozza wins the RDCC at SKC under stewart Mallard and Saffire
wins Best in Show at the club Champ Show under well know Toy specialist  Julie
Sparrow.  That is the second year in a row sahe has won the Bitch CC there.
On 23.5.09 we went to Ireland where Saffire Won Best in Show / BOB Papillon and
then went on to win overall Best in SHow at the Papillon and Phalene club of
Zebedee won Best Veteran in SHow and then went on to win Best overall
Veteran in show. He also won the RGSD.  At the Irish Toy dog Society show, Saffire
once again won Best Bitch and her Second Green Star and won RBOB/BOS.  Bozza  
won the RGS dog and once again Zebedee won Best Veteran.  It was a very
interesting day to say the least.........All of my dogs were Graded excellent and  
Daniel also won Best Papillon Junior Handler so  we were very proud.  
At windsor, Gilbert wins his JUNIOR WARRANT and Saffire wins the RCC...........
Spinillons and the Powdermills Do the DOUBLE at E of E
championship show
10.7.09 under breed specialist Don Mahony
( Aus ) Father -
 Multi ch. Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons SH
CM ( subject to conf )  wins the DCC and BOS and Daughter -  Ch
Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM WIns the BCC and BOB and then gets
pulled out to the final cut from a huge group of Toys,  Powdermill
Touch the Future Spinillons JW  Wins his class too.
 It was another
special day to remember, Many thanks to those who supported us.
At Midas's first two open shows with us he wins BOB Under breed specialist Penny
Robins and Group 2 under Julie Sparrow  and the next day he wins BOB under
Sarah Hatterrell and  Group 4 under brenda Taylor, Gilbert also wins his classes
and RBOB on both occasions.
On the 24.7.09 At leeds, Bozza wins his 2nd CC and BOB under Stephen Goodwin (
Lanola Cavaliers and Charlies ) ,   On the 26th at the Northern and Eastern Papillon
Club Show Bozza goes on to  win another BIS under Breed Specialist Ann Stevens
( twazan ).

On the Saturday at Kingston under stuart Payne.  Gilbert wins his class and Midas
wins another BOB and Group 3.  Saffire also goes on to  win the ch. stakes under
Ray strudwick

At the First South of England Papillon Club Show Isadora wins her class and the
new boy  
Midas wins Limit dog and the RCC,
Ch Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM  - passes her Good Citzens test...  Way to go Saffy. x
Midas Wins Open, BOB and Group 1.  Gilbert wins Junior and RBOB.
NEW CHAMPION - Bozza Wins his UK title and Best of Breed at Darlington Ch. Show
under Dr Annukka Palaheimo ( Finland ).  

Zebedee Wins Best Veteran and then goes on to WIN the Veteran Group 1 once
again - Judge  Marian Spavin.

Midas Wins Limit dog once again from 17 entries.

All the Spinillons Team have now completed their Good citzens tests.   Its nice that
Papillons can have beauty and brains too!
Sorry for the lack of news, weve  not been to too many shows and its been quiet
due to Surgery again but have had a few nice group wins none the less.

However we are pleased to say that at the Wealdstone and Northolt CS on 27.12.09  
Midas  won his SH CM.  Well done to Ruth and Ann who in 2009, has had a Multi Ch,
a  JW and now  a RCC and Sh CM Winner.  Thank you for these lovely fun boys.
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