Zebedee  AKACh. & Ir Ch. Ibstock Bright Spark
For Spinillons SH CM,   CW 2010
Ch. Show Group Winner x 2,  Double Figure BIS  and
Double figure BVIS,   Many Green stars and BOB's too !
( Now Retired ! ) RIP Special BOY 3.1.13
Bozzas Daughter, Saffire and Jo March 08
Zebedee having Won RDCC at Belfast 07  Full mature as a Veteran
Zebedee Best in Show Winning Photo
Granddaughter - Breed

(Hopes Daughter )
Ch. & Ir Ch Spinillons
Jo and Zebs Daughter Heather
Jo and Zebs Daughter Hope
Zebedee 13m
Zebedee 11 months
Zebedee 2 years old Winning the Group
Zebedee The Budding STAR at 5 weeks - I knew he had to be mine then
Below See Zebedee
Mature From 5 Weeks
onwards.  Hover on each
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Zebedee 4 Years
Zebedee BIS win photo
Zeb agility pic
Zeb agility
Zeb long jump
Zebedee and Pam St Clements ( east enders )
Zeb, The Multi Purpose Dog.... The Show dog, The Celebrity, The PAT Dog, The Agility Dog , The Good Citizens Gold Winner But Most of all My Very  Best Friend........
Zeb and Eddie the Eagle
Zeb The Pat Dog
Zebedees Daughters

Joint Top Bitches 2004
Ch. Spinillons
Touch Of Heather
Ch. Spinillons A
Touch of Hope
( RIP)
I can physically only mention a few  of his wins as there have been too many over the past 12
improve as he has matured and watching him go from the crysalis stage to the full butterfly
has been a pleasure, even if he sure took his  time.

Zebedee is such a special boy ,  he was never  a dog who could be missed or ignored by
those who know soundness and what a true butterfly is about.  He  makes everyone aware of
his  presence just by standing there and if you ignore him he happily barks to tell you.  His
soundness is seen so clearly on the move, which is as near as perfection as possibly.  His
body is as well made as they come and even now at nearly 13 he has a full set of teeth, a
spring of rib, depth of chest and a coat to die for.  He knows he is the best and has never let
me or any judges  down who have appreciated him. These features he has passed on to his
kids and grandkids who have all proven to be as sound and typy as him.

However Most of all Zebedee is my Heart boy.  My Right hand man who brings much joy and
love in an other wise Dull life.   He has pretty much done everything there is to do, including
being the youngest ever registered PAT dog ( pets as Therapy ) when he passed his
assessment at 6 months to the day, passing  with flying colours.

He has also taken part in Agility for fun and exercise both here and in Ireland.  He also Took
part and passed his
Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizens Tests, and Won the first ever
Good Citzens class at
Crufts, where his daughter won the BCC/BOS.  He has also taken part
in and passed a basic gundog test,  where the pheasant was bigger than him. <G>

Zebedee  won UK  top stud 04 from his 1st  sired litter (of 2)  which produced,  2  champion
Bitches, one of which was a  Club BIS winner ( who actually beat him  for BIS the day he won
his Ir  Ch. Title, he got RBIS )  and both bitches  Finished Top Papillon Bitches in 04.
has now gone on to produce a 3rd Generation Champion in her Daughter
Saffy -  Ch.
Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM who at 15 months is my youngest ever champion and also the
youngest Papillon/Bitch to Win her SH CM title.   Zebedee was the first Papillon to ever win his
SH CM title in 5 straight Shows, so looks like a bit of family rivalry there lol.

Zeb was  retired for a bit while I showed my other dogs and was accidentally pulled from
retirement  for a day out at Darlington Ch. Show  where he surprised us (not having shown
for a year )  giving us his all and then  going on  to Win Best Veteran and  the
1st Veteran Toy
Group Ever
to be  held at Darlington (Sep 06),   he was then put back in the ring for some fun
and went on to win his 8th BIS beating a full line up of  dogs that were much younger than  
him. <G>
On the 9.4.07 Zebedee went with my Friend Karen to the Papillon Butterfly dogs club
CH. show and out of 302 entries,
More entries than at Crufts won his 9th BEST IN SHOW
under Claire Ann Ahern and Michael Quinny.   

Since then barely shown he has picked up many  Best Veteran in Shows, another Group 1
( Darlington 09 ) and group 3 placing there too and a few more RCC's.  Zeb is a dog who has got
better with age and who looks far better now than he did as a youngester.  Thank you to all
the judges who have honestly appreciated, realised and not penalised the fact he is better as
a Veteran.  I  did retire him again after his last BVIS but  showing is in his blood and he is
looking well, ever the Bright Spark  so he will come out again for the odd show club show
here and there lol   
 and just to prove it  Zeb was back in the Ring in Ireland  for the St patrick
show 17.3. 10 and he wins Best Veteran and BOB,
 From this win he adds another title to his
name CW 10 - celtic winner 2010.  
 in Ireland this time at Tralee,  aged 12 years old he won the green star and RBOB, his
granddaughter won BOB, GROUP 9 and BIS4. In fact we won with 4 generations all
connected to him.
   Not bad for an old boy, always the showman,  in top condition and a full
set of teeth too. <G> Way to go Zebedee !!!!!   I just Love Ya boy!
Winner of 9 Best in Shows Under     (click here to see some show win photos)

Jeff Corish,  Meg Purnell Carpenter,  Kari Willberg,  Jane Liley, Mary WhiteHill,  
Diana Spavin , Brenda Banbury,  Mr Lesley Crawley,  
Claire Ann Ahern / Michael Quinny

5 Reserve Best in Shows
Mr M Boothroyd  Mr G Neilson           Mr Ken Howe -  ( Won 2 days in a row )   
Pap Club Show - Mrs Elizabeth Cochrane  
Papillon Club of Ireland Ch Show -
Mrs Rosalie Brady
Ch Show Group Placings
Breed Stewart Mallard - GROUP 1 - Valerie Foss
( Darlington Ch. Show  06)
Breed - Cathy Urqhart  -  Group 3 - Stuart Plane
(Darlington Ch. Show 07 )
Breed - Annuska Pallomina - GROUP 1 - Marian Spavin
(Darlington Ch. Show  09 )
Breed - Goran Bodegard -  Group 2 - Olive Taylor St patricks Day ( Ire )
Zebedee Simpsons Ad
Zeb simpsons ad
Zeb and Zeke as puppies and best pals
Plain Worn out after Showing
We Think Zebedee was the only Papillon to have won BVIS in ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND
BVIS  Papillon Butterfly Dog Club Ch Show -   10.4. 08 -  Brenda Taylor
BVIS     Papillon Club of Scotland Ch. Show -17.5.08  - Miss H Barr
BVIS     Papillon Butterfly Dog Club -  30.11.08  - Douglas Colyer
BVIS    Wickford and Basilden CS -  4.4.09 - David Robins
BVIS   South Wales Papillon Club Show - Jerry Monroe 5.4.09
BVIS Papillon And Phalene club ch Show  of Ireland -  23.5.09 - Mr Muldoon
BEST over all Papillon/Phalene in show - 23.5.09 - Mr Muldoon
Best Veteran in Breed at the Irish Toy dog society show- 23.5.09 - Mrs A Pennington
BVIS   Northern & Eastern Counties Pap Club Show - 25.7.09 - Mrs A Stevens
BVIS Kent County Canine Assocation - 28.2.10 - Miss C Odd & Mrs T Jackson
St Patricks Day Ireland - BOB, CW 10 Title winner & Best Vet Breed 17.3.10 - Mr Brian Claydon
BVIS South Wales Papillon Club - 4.4.10 -  Terry Purse
Ireland  Best Veteran, Green Star and BOB - 1.5.10 -
Ireland -  Fermoy  -  dog Green star and Best Veteran - 2.5.10 - Tom Mather
BVIS Papillon and Phalene Club Ch show of Ireland  - Ferdi Dickman ( germany )- 22.5.10
Irish Toy dog Society - Champion Toy Dog and Green Star Winner -              22.5.10
Irish Toy Dog veteran. Stakes Winner - Claire Anne Ahern - 22.5.10
Kilarney & district canine all breed Ch show green star winner - Mrs J Larive  
Best Toy in Show,
BVIS & Stakes Winner - Coulsdon & District CS - Mrs M Boydell
Green Star/ RBOB  - Tralee All breed C S - Mrs K Radcliff ( AGE 12 Years )
Ch Group Winner,
Spinillons Zuzzi JW, Zebs Precious Son!