On 18.3.07at  the Northern and Eastern Counties Papillon Club show with thanks to
Mr Doug Colyer  ( Zareba/Shirando ) BOZZA goes Best in Show on his 1st time out
with me .  We are over the moon  to say the least.
On  8.4.07, at The Papillon Butterfly Dog Club Championship show Zebedee Wins the
DCC and BEST IN SHOW .  Many thanks to our judge in Dogs  Mrs Claire Ann Ahern (
Ireland - pipestrelle Papillons ) and In Bitches who allowed him through to win  BIS,  
Michael Quinny.  Added thanks  to my Handlers Karen and Sharon who helped me
out when I could not attend myself, I am so grateful for your help.
AT WKC  Bozza, wins 1st Limit dog ( handled by Rosemary Ayris, Ibstock )  Zebedee
wins the RDCC
, Isadora wins BPIB  ( handled by Rosemary Ayris, Ibstock ) and
Tululah wins  BCC/BOS having been out of the ring for  a year.  We are over the
moon. It was my first time back in the ring after being ill and out for a few months.
At the Coventry and Foleshill CA  show, Bozza  wins  BOB, Group 1 and RBIS.  
Isadora wins BPIB and PG4.
At Birmingham Ch. Show on 31st August, Zeb wins VD, Isadora wins PB and Tululah
wins the BCC/BOS.  
At Richmond Ch. Show on 7th August, Isadora wins her 4th BPIB.

At Darlington Ch. Show on 16.9.07,  Zebedee wins Best Veteran and V Group 3 and
Isadora wins her 5th BPIB and gains enough points for her Junior Warrant.
On 23rd Sept at the Ashford and Faversham show Isadora won Junior, Post Grad,
Open , BOB, BPIB, Group 2, Puppy Group 1 and RBPIS
.  Our judge was Riitta Maria
Kuckenon - Lilybuds Kennel finland.
On  September 30. 2007 Bozza won his first CC for the German Champion Club and
his first CC for the German Champion VDH. Further he was Best Male and he won
the title National Winner Hessen 2007 and last but not least he won BOB from a
large entry. The Show was the  Speciality of the German Toy Association in
im Best Of Breed.
Simone: Show: Speciality of the German Toy Association in Lohfelden/Germany
At Belfast   Zebedee won the RDCC,  Tululah won the BCC, Isadora won 2nd in limit
and BPB and Saffire qualified at just 6m 1 day old, beating many of the older pups.  
Our judge was brenda banbury.
At Romsey show on 31.10.07 Isadora won Open, BOB and Group 1  and Saffire won
Special yearling, BPIB and Puppy Group 2.
 Our judge was Sarah Jackson -
Benatone Maltese.
At the Thames estuary  show on  4. 11.07  Spinillons Saffire won Junior, RBOB and
BPIB and then won the Group. The judge was  Mrs Robins ( Jaroma )
At Huntingdon show on 17.11.07, Saffire wins Junior, BOB and BP, she then goes on
to win Adult Group 3, Puppy Group 1 and RBPIS
.   The Breed and Group judge was
esteemed Judge Caroline Odd and BIS judge was Chris Bexon.

Critique : RBPIS Spinillons Saffire, Papillon what this small dog lacked in size, she
makes up for with heart.  Loved her total balance, perfectly schooled, head
superbly balanced with good ear set and well shaped ears, lovely dark eye with that
keen alert expression , medium length of neck  into good shoulders, pleasing fine
bone and correct feet, level topline, correct tail set so important to the breed.  In
lovely coat very nice silky texture, moves like a dream, glides around the ring with
Judge: Chris Bexon

On the 18.11.07 Saffire goes to the Papillon Butterfly dog Club show and Wins MPB
and then goes on to  win BPIS
,  Our Judge was  Tony Allcock MBE. What a fantastic
two days she had.

Critique: MINOR PUPPY BITCH 9 (1 abs)
Davidson-Poston’s Spinillons Saffire. 7 ½ months tri. She stole my heart. A dainty
precocious baby and the most appealing expression. Correctly placed ears, well
feathered for age. Superbly constructed – excellent straight front, adequate upper
arm and good rear assembly. Fine boned throughout but with deep chest and good
spring of rib. Presented in A1 order. Looked super in profile when standing but it
was her movement which was so eye catching. She has a great forehand and
covers the ground with ease and takes everything in her stride. A very bright
future assured. BPB & BPIS. Well deserved.   
Judge: Tony Allcock MBE
I have just heard that my Bozza ( Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons ) is currently
on 6 CC's and  
last week he went to take part in a breeding temperament test and
came out on top.  He had not  had preparation for the exams and I am so proud that
he could pass so easily.  Its good to know he can take on anything he wants to and
pass well.  
 Thank you Simone for showing him and handling him so well, he must
love you so very much to pass this extra special  test with you not to mention win
well in the ring too.

On 24.11.07  Saffire won junior, BP and RBOB and was pulled to the last 4 for BPIS.  
There were 39 different breeds in with her and so I was very proud.
On  15.12.07  At Birmingham Toy Saffire wins  Puppy, Junior, Post Grad, Limit, BOB
and Best Puppy.  She then goes on to be pulled to the last 6 for Best in Show and
Best Puppy in Show.   
At the Wealdstone and Northholt Canine Society Show on 27.12.07, Saffire wins BP
and Group 1 Under Bob Brampton.  The Toy group line up was the largest and
strongest I have ever  been in.  
To finish off the year at our last show of 07,  at the Asbourne and district CS, on
28.11.07, under toy specialist  Stephen Goodwin  ( lanola )
Spinillons Saffire wins  3
classes, BOB, BP, GROUP 1, Puppy Group 1 and RBPIS
.   Mr Gordon Harran (
Magregor ) was the BIS Judge. ( Spinillons Isadora JW won Open.)
We just heard that Spinillons Isadora JW finished
Way to go Issy.............We are so proud of you girl!

To start off the year at our first show of  08, At the Henly on Thames Canine
Society show, on 27.1.08
Spinillons Saffire wins Puppy, Junior, BOB,  BP,
under Karen Mazkell ( Kaskell ) and
Group 4, Puppy Group 1  and RBPIS
under Judge Jenny Miller ( Feorlig )  Way to go Saff Saff, thats 4/5 shows you
have had top wins under top judges.

With a heavy heart and buckets of tears I have to tell you that Ibstock Distinctly
Sparky for Spinillons was laid to rest aged nearly 13 on 28.2.08.  

You can read all about him on
Sparkys page.  He will be missed forever.  He was  a
oncein a life time dog who will never be forgotten.

With a pain in my heart I again have to say only a few weeks after loosing Sparky, I
have now lost my Special Italian Spinone
Zeke.   There will never be another dog to
top him.  9 years with not a grumble or bad word to say. He protected both my paps
and  I many times  and ways always there to help me when I needed  it.

My sweet boy went and said good bye to all of my other paps individually, then lay
his head on my lap and  died on me.  You were far too young and too special
Zekey......... I shall never forget you sweet Zekey boy, you were sound in body and
mind and I will never forget you.  

RIP sweet Zeke, you are back with your favourite boy Sparky now, both  at peace.

On 1st March 08 , At the Oxfordshire Show, under Ron Stewart.  Spinillons Saffire  
won 3 classes, BOB, BP, Group 2 and Puppy Group 1.  
At UKTOY and out with the Big Guns, Spinillons Saffire Wins
2 classes and  her first CC  at UK toy  29.3.08.  Our Judge
was Kitty Sjong from Denmark.  We are over the moon and
very proud to Say the least.
I am excited to say that as of this weekend Saffy has it seems has broken another
record to be the youngest ever Papillon to Win her SH CM.  Subject to KC
confirmation  she will now be known as Spinillons Saffire JW  SH CM.  Her Grandad
Zebedee ( Ch. & Ir Ch. Ibstock Bright Spark For Spinillons SH CM ) Was the first Pap
and 5th Toy breed in the UK to win it when it first came out and now she has
challenged even him, to become the youngest <G>

To say I am proud of my favourite special little girl is an understatement, what with
her first CC  just few weeks ago and the fact  we have hardly been out showing, I
am just bursting with excitement and had to share it. <G>

And just to not be left out,  yesterday her father Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons
won another CC in Germany, wonderfully handled and presented by Ms C Rutten
and we hope will soon finish his titles too.

What a weekend of celebrations. It cant get much better with the weather being so
lovely too <G>
What a Weekend to remember.  We drove up to  Scotland on 15th May. Showed at
SKC the next day under Carl Sparrow , winning
 Special Yearling Bitch with
Spinillons Isadora JW and Limit Bitch with Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM  and then  
the next day at the Scottish Papillon Club Show   Under Breed Specialist Hazel Barr,
at his last ever Ch. show
Ch. and Ir Ch.  Ibstock Bright Spark for Spinillons SH CM  
Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show.   Spinillons Isadora JW wins Limit Bitch
and the RBCC
, Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM wins Open Bitch and the BCC and also
at her last Ch. Show
Ch. Ibstock Tululah for Spinillons  wins Special Brood Bitch.  To
say we were so proud of these girls at such a young age  is an understatement.  
Thank you to those that helped me with my dogs as I only had one pair of hands.  It
was a weekend to remember and a great way to retire Zeb and Tuli.  The end of an
era for me but a well deserved rest for them now.
We are so proud to announce one of our biggest wins to date.  Our Bozza Wins the
CAC, CACIB , BOB, Group 1 and then went on to win  Reserve BEST IN SHOW at the
International show in Hulten in the Netherlands, WHAT A HUGE WIN for him.  Many
thanks to Carine Rutten for her expert help in handling him for me,

We are also proud to say that across the Pond on the same day Spinillons Seymour
who is bozzas son, won his first points to his US title.  Well done Easy, Marilyn and
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