AKA Goldfly Stars Symphony At
RIP  24.1.99 - 23.2.08
Zeke aged 3
Zeke 6 month best puppy in Match
Zeke aged 15 months
Zeke aged 7 weeks
Zeke is a really Special boy.  He came to me in 1999 when I lost  a really special bitch (far too young).   He pretty much
choose me and I am glad that it was also love at first sight for me too.  I am even more pleased that  his breeder also had
him picked out for me too.   Zekey amazed us all  from the start far exceeding our expectations in all areas,  he was  so
clever, gentle and willing to please it  was unbelievable, it was almost like he has lived before.   Zeke Worked his way to
the advanced obedience class by  5 months, (despite the amusement of others that he was only a spinone )  and then
later, going  on to get his Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citzens.   He also competed in agility  placing well on many
occasions ( more so as he was a non BC) , he also  passed a basic gun dog test and  he was born and too pass his PAT
dog assesment at 6 months old, he  really made a difference to many people.

To top off his sound temperament  and equally as important to me is his sound body.  For me he epitimises the correct
old type spinone which is so rarely seen these days.   This was proved within his Short  Show Career,  which was sadly
cut short after he was poisoned at a show.  During the time he was shown he won a RBPIS, RBIS, a few group
placings,  won a huge Post Grad class at Crufts and a BD/BOS at Southern counties under Italian judge -Sig Zacco Pier
Secondo.  He also was the 1st Spinone to win a heat in the Pro dogs stakes and go through to the finals and before
retired he was half way through his SH CM.   I am very proud of my big baby and will love you forever. <G>
Zeke Famous  at 6 months Raising Money for PAT dogs.
Zeke and J-L 1 day old.
Zeke and Fee
Zeke and Daniel
Zeke and Sparky at Work
Zeke and Fee resting.
Zeke and Voguel
zeke puppy sitting
Zeke and Zeb
Zekey cooling off.........
Zekey and J-L