We are a small home based "kennel"  ( with that  said loosely and with a big
smile, as our dogs are primarily house dogs/pets, brought up with our
family  and not kennelled  ever as we only ever want or give the best to our
dogs ) .  We are  based in North London (UK).  It is pronounced  Spini-ons
.  The LL's are Silent as in Papillon ( Papi-on ).  The name was chosen
after playing about with the names of  my two favourite breeds
( Papillons and Italian Spinioni).

I have had Papillons for 43 years, ( and Italian Spinoni for 9,  though I don't
have any Spins at present since loosing my favourite boy ).     My  life has
always included dogs, my earliest memories are of a Black and  White Pap
resting by my cot.   I have  been handling / showing more seriously   for the
last 17 or so years   thanks to my original  mentor, who  unbeknown to me,  
pushed me quietly  in the right direction or is that wrong direction now I
think about it!. <G>  Though I  can't do as much dog wise as I use  to, due
to my health and how its status changes day to day and the state I am left
in after shows,  I am proud to say that  Spinillons has now attained over 54  
titles with some candidate titles pending (PROUDLY INCLUDING 3
MASTER AGILITY CH ).  Added to that importantly through my love of dogs
and the foundation dogs I had, I became a temperament tester for
dogs  ( pets as therapy ) which leads to others getting enjoyment from dogs
too. Its a wonderful organisation who I have been involved in for years,
though sadly not as much now due to other constraints but hopefully that
will change once my children get older and time and health allows.  

One of my favourite pass times, in between crashing out and exhibiting,  is
Judging and I have now completed
all that is needed for the A3 list (
Papillon Butterfly dog Club ) and B List for Spinone
.  I am proud to say that
Over the years I  have had the chance to Handle, Judge and show some of
whom I consider the Soundest  dogs in the country and been eternally
grateful  to have had the chances to learn from some very special people.  
My Thanks go to those who helped me build  a strong foundation with  and
with the input of  My dear friend Gwen Swann  who I sadly miss and will
never forget  her imput and insite into Papillons.  My thanks also go to my
good friends who help me get to shows when I can't manage it alone. There
are too many others (both in and out of Paps)  to mention but you know
who you are and I am humbled and grateful for your words of Wisdom,
honest opinions and support over the years.

Due to many things, mainly my health issues which include Severe
Raynauds, which itself is debilitating and leaving me cold and in pain from
 I also have Ehler Danlos ( Type 3 - formerly know as EDS 111/ HMS,
leaving me with Chronic Wide spread pain ( CWSP ) and ME ( myalgic
encephalomyelitis with severe orthostatic intolerance for diagnosis ...... yes
go figure that one, as Most Drs can't figure me out or help Either..... just fix
the bits that break as and when they can........... so yes I end up with
surgery from the EDS issues which can be / are miserable........)  

Click here to read some info about the conditions called a letter to Normals)

Then Watch this link which will explain what I live with with the ME Alone
pretty much most days without let up..

add these  to Gastritis and a Zillion other related connective tissue health
Issues,  everything is a struggle but the dogs keep me going through it all
even though it causes me pain it gives me a sense of life and a connection
even for a few short hours every few weeks ............  
I  of course am also blessed  with  3 kids Born Jan 01 ( Jamie- Leeanne ),
Dec 01( Daniel ) and  October 03 ( Samuel )  Which means  I do not breed
or show as  much as I would like  to, as  breeding takes a lot of time,
energy and thought,   done only with the right dogs and at the right time for
me  and them and  if I feel I have the back up if needed, which includes the
best homes, if I decide I have or must do the right thing and let one
go........   For me, instead of breeding, I get as much pleasure and will
happily love and bring in  to campaign any dog that is of Sound
enough/deserving  quality.     

I only keep a few dogs at any one time,  so I can give each one the
attention they deserve and enjoy them with ease. That said I have very high
standards and only keep/show/breed quality dogs worthy of their titles,.  
Each dog who is bred or living here is health tested to make sure it passes
our high standards and while one can't always say for sure that one wont
get problems of some sort at some point, we are happy that we do our best
to keep and  breed only the highest quality dogs who are worthy and most
importantly healthy and sound in body and mind.  Even at  15 years,  our
oldest boy  tested clear for Patella, as have ALL our current  youngsters/
Dogs which we are very proud of to say the least.  All this combined with
my competitive streak has meant we have reached the top levels through
honesty, sheer hard work and quality rather than quantity or any other
means. We dont believe in dishonesty or anything other than doing our best
and what is right.   We will never lower  standards and are happy that we
are known for this regardless of how this upsets those without, or who don't
share our high standards!   

Our dogs are ALL DNA PRA1 tested Clear, Heart Tested and Tested Clear
for P
atella. They are  only occasionally availabile to  selected  health
tested bitches to help improve or compliment lines for those who share our
high values and  goals.  We share the same philosophy when people want
a quality dog/puppy from us be they in the UK or Abroad.  We like to help
people improve their dogs/lines etc.. be they new or old to the breed, we
love active homes for the happiness of our dogs but when we have a nice
sofa lounger we like the home that will match it too <G>.

We have had too many wins that have made us proud over the years under
many honourable judges from around the world.

However at Spinillons we can say we truly meet the requirements that the
Kennel club ask for all dogs to be fit for function and can't be prouder!

We are proud to say we bred the  winner  - MACH Spinillons Seymour MXS
MJC  of the 1st Ever Westminister Agility Competition 2014 ( handled by
John York and owned By Dr Erin Leff - USA )

We are also the ONLY breeders of to have won All the top awards from the
good citizens Classes.   Our Ch & Ir Ch Ibstock Bright Spark For Spinillons
SH CM CW 10 was the Winner of the 1st Ever Crufts Class held in 2004
where his daughter Ch Spinillons A Touch of Hope won the BCC/BOS.  
History was also made by Int & NL Ch Spinillons Classic Caress JW SH
CM, CW14, PPVN15 who won the RBCC at Crufts 17 from the Good Citizen
 All of our Ch's and other dogs have all proudly won these classes
at Crufts and other shows which support these classes regularly.  

We have also won Many Top awards and notable wins, including  Doubles
CC's and Puppy wins, BIS etc...and all while proudly not breeding much.  
We believe in quality not quantity!

e are proud of all of our dogs who have proven themselves under some of
the words top judges.   We are proud and thank everyone who is apart of
our lives and our dogs lives and look forward to many happy years ahead
hearing the stories of how our dogs live day to day & excitedly hearing
when they are winning too what ever ring they are in
If you have managed to read all of the above well done lol  
We wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 201
7 and if you feel you
wish to be a part of our extended family/friends, we would love to hear from
you........so don't be afraid, get in touch, we don't bite. <G>

TOP BREEDER & TOP OWNER 2013 (pap club rules)
Ch. & Ir Ch. Ibstock Bright Spark For Spinillons SHCM
Ch Ibstock Tululah For Spinillons
Ch. Spinillons A Touch of Hope
Ch Spinillons Touch of Heather
Jo and Goldfly Stars Symphony at Spinillons
Ch. & Ir Ch. Ibstock Bright Spark
For Spinillons SH CM CW 10
Ch. Spinillons A Touch Of Hope
Ch. Spinillons Touch Of Heather
Goldfly Shining Star At
Spinillons  RIP 08
Ch. Ibstock Tululah For Spinillons
Jo and Henry........ How it all started!!!!!!
The Beginning !!!