Moldovia Ch , Macedonian Ch, Montenegro
Ch, Georgia Ch, Cyprus Ch,   Ch & Grand
Bulgaria , Ch & Grand Ch Romania
Powdermill Touch The Future Spinillons JW
SH CM Albanian Winner 11, Aphrodite winner
11, Balkan Winner 11
Ch. Inixia Troysdale Timer Traveller x Powdermill Look at the stars   DOB: 8.7.08
wins PD both under breed specialists.

At the Papillon Butterfly dog club Ch show Gilbert not only qualifies for crufts at his
first ch show but also wins RBPIS.

At Dunstable and district CS Gilbert wins BP, RBOB ( beating his Multi Ch. Cousin )
and then goes on to Win PG2 from a strong line up of quality dogs.

Welks -  Puppy dog and Best Puppy dog.
SKC 09 - Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog
Scottish Club ch show - Puppy dog and Special b/w or Tri Dog
Papillon and Phalene club of Ireland ch. Show - Puppy dog Graded excellent
Windsor - Gilbert wins enough points for his Junior warrant
at Just 11 Months
E of E - Junior Dog

At the few open shows Gilbert has gone to he has  gone on to win a number of
Groups and group placings, at the Kent County CS on 28.2.10 Gilly went   RBIS being
put through by Sue Obbard in breed, Group Level by Caroline Odd and
Best in Show
Judge Mrs T Jackson.   Way to go Gilly Bear!

In all the time showing gilbert lightly he has won at least 98% of all his classes!

3.4.10 - Gilbert wins his first CACIB

0n 21st November Gilbert wins BOB, and Group 1 under Robert Dunlop ( Of the well
Known Habiba Afffix )  and then goings on to finish the day by Taking
under Stephen Mercia from Malta
.  On this day he won his SH CM with 9 points to
spare.  Way to go Bertieeeeeeeeeeee.

The week later at Burton on trent He won BOB and the Adult Group and Annabelle
won the Puppy Group.  Judge was Stuart Band.   A good day for spinillons.

EASM Qualifier 11.

Gilbert Wins Limit dog from 19 entries at Crufts..........

Gilbert wins the Green Star and RBIS at the Papillon Club of Ireland Ch Show May 28th

As of  Begining of August we are so proud to say that  Gilbert is now known as
Georgia Ch. Romanian Ch/ Grand Ch, Bulgarian Ch./ Grand Ch. Cyprus Ch  Powdermill
Touch the Future Spinillons JW SH CM , Albanian Winner 11, Aphrodite winner 11,
Balkan Winner 11

After a break from the ring, Gilbert is back out with Carine and Won the CAC, CACIB
and BOB at Antwerp.
Gilbert 8m at aldenham
Gilbert on the duck hunt aged 8m
Gilbert winning his class at the club show
Jo and Gilbert waiting for the judge Scotland 09
SKC 09
Gilly first SKC 09
Jo and gilbert playing in the ring.
Gilbert 11 months after winning his 19th Junior Warrant point
Bred By Mrs Anne and
Miss Ruth Weston
lovely Boys!
Gilbert as a baby

Proven Stud
Gilbert RBIS
Gilbert BIS under Maltese judge
Gilbert the Group Winner!
Gilbert the group winner
Gilber Wins Limit dog at Crufts
Gilbert health and Patella tested ok - Clear/ proven Sire for breeding!