We  Finished off the year with Midas winning his SH CM in a very short time, he is
now back with his breeders and we wish him well.  

TO start the year we are proud to say that  at our first Championship show Our
Multi Ch - Bozza won BOB from a very large entry under esteemed Judge Marion

We now have 2 Phalenes  who we will be proud to show and bring on and
hopefully go visit Ireland a few times this year for a change of scene.

I have now been accepted on to the Clumber Spaniel  C list.
What a Swimming Weekend for Team Spinillons   28.2.10

Bozza AKA   Multi Ch Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons SH CM  Won BOB and
was pulled in the Group Both Days in Switzerland.  This last two Wins mean that  
he can now add  Swiss Champion to his list of titles. Way to Go Bozza ( and Carine
) .   

At the Kent County Show,   Zebedee AKA  Ch. & Ir Ch. Ibstock Bright Spark For
Spinillons SH CM came out for a fun day out and Won the Veteran Toy  Group and
then Went on to Win another Best Veteran in Show.   Judges Miss C Odd and Mrs
T Jackson.

Gilbert AKA Powdermill Touch the Future Spinillons JW won BOB, Toy Group 1 and
Reserve Best in Show.

and Piper AKA Panspayon Piper Spinillons  ( Phalene )  Won Best Puppy in Breed
and Puppy Group 3.

Papillon Classes judge - Mrs Sue Obbard   Group Judge - Miss C Odd  BIS Judge
Mrs T Jackson.  Many thanks to all who gave us such a Gala Weekend!
WHAT A BLINDER of a weekend we had.  We went to Ireland for the St Patricks day
show  on 17th March and I took my Veteran Zebedee along for the ride and much
to our delight he won Best Veteran and then went on to do us proud and  win
BOB.  He is 11 years old next month and still has all his attitude teeth and
condition and still loves the ring as much as ever.   He now adds CW 10 - Celtic
winner 2010 title to his name.   
Ch & Ir Ch. Ibstock Bright Spark for Spinillons SH
CM,  CW 10

Thank you to Mr Brian Claydon for such a special day to remember.

My two phalene puppies ( star and Piper )  both won their classes with Piper
winning BPIB.

Saffire won RB Green star and  Gilbert won Open dog.
20.3.10  Bozza wins BOB and His German Club Ch Title and then
goes on to win BEST IN SHOW , Way to Go Bozza and Carine.
Gilbert Wins the CACIB, Zebedee Best Veteran and Star Best Puppy in Ireland.  At
the Club show the next day Zebedee Wins Best Veteran in Show, Piper wins his
class and Best Phalene Dog ( showing his head off, Way to go Piper ).
My Application for inclusion on the British Chihuahua Club C list was approved for
both Long and smooth coated Chihuahua's.  
Zebedee wins the Green Star, best Veteran  and BOB on May 1st and on 2nd May
Zebedee wins the Green Star again and BOS//Best Veteran.

Star wins Best puppy the first day but on the second day sadly thanks to a kind
person, though we informed her about her Papillon class being on, she allowed
us to miss our class and so we came along way and sadly my daughter  missed out
showing her  puppy ( Nice eh  ....)
16..5.10  Bozza wins his Belgium Championship and BOB with it.  Well done Bozza
on your 6th Title and to Carine for your wonderful handling skills.
My Application for inclusion on the Northern Pomeranian  Club C list is through.

At Papillon Butterfly dog club, Saffire wins the CC and BOS.
On 22, 5.10  Saffy goes over to IRELAND  and for the 2nd year running  Wins Best
of Breed  /
Best in Show Papillon  and then gos into Win Best  in Show OVERALL at
the Papillon and Phalene club of Ireland under Mr Ferdi Dickman ( Germany ).

At the same Club Show Zebedee wins BVIS under - Ferdi Dickman ( germany )
Then at the
Irish Toy dog Society -  Zeb wins Champion Dog and Green Star / BOS
and just  to top our busy day Zebedee goes on to with the Veteran Stakes under

Claire Anne Ahern  - What a day for this special boy.

To top that At Annabelles First Ever  Show there also  -  under Mr Ferdi Dickman (
Germany ) at the Papillon and Phalene club of Ireland  Ch show,  she wins Baby
Puppy, Best Puppy Bitch, then  
Best Papilon Puppy in Show and just to Make our
day she then goes on to win
OVER ALL Best Puppy in show.

At the  Irish Toy she also won her class but being young she was not allowed to
compete further.  However  We are so happy that she placed so well and we look
forward to watching her maturing.

Star our Phalene Bitch wins her class and Best Phalene Puppy Bitch at both
theClub show and the Irish Toy show.
Sorry for not updatingin ages,  I have now lost track of a few wins as my memory
fades these days and with many computer problems.  However Star is now a
Green Star winner, Zeb and Saffy have added to their green star tally and
Annabelle has been winning and placing well everywhere she has been.

Our Saddest news is that we lost our Sweet baby Boy Timmy aged 15.  It is never
easy to say the least.
At the Coulsdon C S Show  on 25.9.10 ,  Zebedee wins Best Toy in Show, Best
Veteran in Show and Stakes
win too under Mrs M Boydell.  Gilbert wins BOB,
Sasha BPIB ( Under Sam Tydeman )  and Puppy stakes place 3rd and Annabelle
wins the Puppy Stakes also under Mrs M Boydell.

At The Ashford , faversham and District C S show on the 26.9.10 ,
Saffire wins
another Champion Stakes under Bill Crawley
, Gilbert wins RBOB, Annabelle wins
BP in Breed and PG3.
At East Kent CS show under Lee Cox, Annabelle won BOB, BPIB, Group 1
and Puppy group 1. ( 7th Nov 2010)

The Following week  at  Huntingdonshire CS  on 13th Nov 2010, under
Robert Hichcock, Annabelle won BOB, BPIB,  Under Julia Pennington won
Group 3, Puppy Group 1  AND  then Under Keith Nathan
 Went  BEST
   Two wonderful weeks and some amazing comments.  
At the camberly and d CS show Gilbert won BOB and Group 1 Under Mr
Robert Dunlop and then went on to win
Best in show under Stephen mercia
from Malta

Spinillons Annebelle won BP and Puppy Group 4.    Zebedee also win his
veteran class.  A Wondeful day for all!
At Burton on Trent C A  Gilbert wins BOB , Annabelle wins Best Puppy and Both
win their Adult and Puppys groups.  (27.12.10)  Way to go Kids.  The judge was Mr
Stuart Band.
At Manchester Ch Show Ch * Ir CH Ibstock Bright Spark for Spinillons SH CM  won
Vet dog and the RDCC and Spinillons Annabelle won first in Limit and the RBCC.  
To top that off she also passed her good Citzens test.   Zebedee also came 2nd
ina very strong vet stakes class.
the situation and what goes on in life, you can do nothing but  
have morals and values and  be honest and truthful  and things
have to work out in the end.
Spinillons Annabelle BOB and group 1 at The East kent CS under Tim Ball.
Gilbert RBOB. Date sunday 6th Feb
Well Bred Loving sweet and active male Pups to Place.  1 dual  
purpose possible show and or agility prospect.  excellent lines,
not easily available.    Parents all health tested of course.   If you
think you are the right adoptive home,  Please give us a call or fill
in the form on the contact page.    Life time of support offered. No
time wasters. - All placed , for future interest please feel free to
call and if we can help we will.
FIRST SHOW, FIRST TIME OUT, 6 Months old, At the Folkstone
and Hythe & District CS.   
 Spinillons Zuzzi, Wins BP, Puppy Group
1 and RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!  Way to go Zuzzi.  This
has now qualifed him for the Dover and Deal super Match next

Spinillons Annabelle went BOB, and Group 1.   Many thanks to
our judges Thomas Isherwood and Lee Cox ( vanitona )  
Gilbert win Limit dog at  Crufts from 19 entries - Way to go Bert Bert.
At Horsham and district CS on 17th March , under Judge David Guy,  Gilbert wins
BOB and
Spinillons Zuzzi on his scond outing, wins another BP, this time with
RBOB and a Group 2 , from a full puppy line up.
STAR IS OFFICALLY A JUNIOR CH, way to go Star ( my phalene )

Possibly availble a Show prospect Pup for loan or placement.  Enquiries from
abroad welcome.   Ch Lines. Top quality.  
Our Phalene Star is now  known as  Bulgarian Ch/Grand Ch,
Georgian & Moldovian, Balkan Champion Serenglade star in
Motion for  Spinillons Ir Jr Ch, Balkan Winner 11, she also won 2
CACIB's and 4 BOB's to top it off over the 4 shows.
Star now adds Isr Ch and  Mediterranian Winner 2011 to her
list of titles, way to go star
Dog Green Star and RBIS Papillon Club Show of Ireland,  Reserve green star Phalene
- Star, Reserve Green star Bitch Spinillons Annabelle.  Best baby puppy papillon Spinillons
Spimply Sinful - AKA Sinner

Irish toy dog  - green star phalene / rbob - Multi Ch serenglade star in motion for
spinillons ir Jun Ch, Bulkan Winner 11, Med Winner 11
,  Gilbert reserve green star
dog.  Annabelle reserve green star bitch.

All dogs graded excellent........ Thanks to Justin for Handling Star so expertly as usual.
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