Remani's So You Think You
Can Dance Spinillons SH SM
( imp USA )

AKA  "Tyce"
Bred By  Danni
The FIRST Time I saw  this boy my heart was gone and I contacted his breeder, Danni Peterson in the
USA  to see if there was any way he could come to the UK.   Sadly I was told he had only just been
placed  to finish  his title.  

I was Gutted to hear this but as usual I don't give up on dogs I fall for and think are worthy and I tried
everything to get this wonderful boy as by then  his  new owner  had stopped showing him and he was
being wasted... among other sad things........ but still sadly nothing.  

Then in March out of the blue  I got a message from Danni asking if I was still interested in him as he
was being returned and did I want him ? ( DID I WANT HIM??? lol  OF COURSE!!!! )

As luck had it we had just booked a short break to the USA, so added a flight or two and flew right
across the country to see him.  Well it was love at 1st Sight and the rest is history..............

Thank you Danni for being such an amazing friend and for your trust of this sweet, crazy, boy.  He has
fitted in so well and made our dreams come true............we hope we can make you proud!
Tyce Winners With Emily
Tyce Group 1 and his SH CM title!
welcome tyce
After a retraining and a super time in the show ring with a number of Group wins....... Mr Tyce  
MAKES HISTORY becoming the 1st  US Papillon to win his SH CM.  We are soooooooo
proud of him!
TYCE BOB and Group win Photo
TYCE BOB & Group 2 -  EELKS anniversary show 2014
Tyce Ireland 2014 with Jo
Tyce Pedigree
Tyce Wins BD, BOS & Reserve Best in Show , at the South of England Papillon Club 3.5.15 - Judge Mr Douglas Colyer