Tinkleybury Super Sprout Spinillons JW

AKA  "Sprout"    Good Citizen
Co-owned with Karen Farrell
Bred By  Debbie Gornall       27.12.13
Tested Clear,
Sprout 4m
FIRST TIME OUT 17.5.14 -  SPROUT WINS Best Baby Puppy in Breed and then goes on to Win Best
Baby Puppy in Show 4
at Hibernian All breed Ch Show  Under Mr J R Walsh ( breed ) and BBPIS4 Under
Mrs O Donohue.  ( Over 22 Entered )

Sprout wins ALL his 4 classes at all the shows on the Irish Circuit 2014

WKC August 2014  -  MPD -  Tony Allock
SWKA  Oct 2014 -  Puppy and Junior  - Carl Sparrow

BOB, BP and PG2 - Hitchen & District CS
RBOB, BP and 2 Classes - Woolwich and Bexley DCS
Puppy Group 1 -
Puppy Group 1 -
Papillon Club Show - Junior and Post Grad - Mark Cocozza
Guildford and District CS - Post Grad -  ( change of judge )
Woolwich and Bexley CS - Junior and Post Grad
Ashbourne and District CS - Junior and Post Grad
BOB Group 4 and 2 classes - Luton CS - Tim Ball and Group Judge Derek Smith ( age 12m )
Ashford and Faversham - Junior and Post grad
East Kent CS - Junior and Post Grad
Horley and District CS - Junior and PG

Sprout 4m
Sprout BBPIS4 17.5.14
BBPIS4 1st time out Ireland
Ireland August 14
Jo and Sprout BPIB 6m
BOB and G44 Luton 2014 - 12m
Sprout Table BPIB 6m
Karen Class win WKC 2014
Sprout Pedigree
Sorry I do not have the full results and all wins listed!