Extended Family Photos
Eddie concentrating on his game skills
Fly and Archie at Halloween
Fly and Espeed her dad
Fly and her mom tracey
Heather squirrel watching
Heather and her doggie family
Heather resting
Heather in the garden
Heather and her favourite friend
Eddie and the cat
Jan and Heather
Eddie and his Butterfly Toy
Eddie and his Grandma on the beach
Hev has settled in wonderfully well right from the
first minute she arrived in the dark, wind and
rain...do you remember how cold it was that
day?!!....she acted as though she had never lived
anywhere else and fitted into our routine
immediately,(dogs are traitors aren't they?
LOL).   She plays non stop with Dinky, loves to lie
on the large footstool looking for squirrels and
birds to chase off the garden, but at the moment
she is curled up on the settee with Thomas in
front of the fire.   

We love her to bits and she appears to love us
judged by the amount of kisses she gives
out....she likes to get onto the settee back and
attack our ears from behind LOL.  Anyone who
comes to the house are welcomed by Heather
before the others get a look in, the visitors have
to have kisses too !   She hasn't forgotten her
good  manners that she learned from your
training and still always waits to go through
doors after us, and never barges past us when
coming down the garden path, (we don't have any
stairs) still sleeps in her box at night and when
we are out, apart from Christmas day when she
spent the day loose with Ross & Nikki for
company in the computer room, and Amber and
Dinky in the kitchen. Must go as I have Thomas
here for a few days,  We would like to wish you
and your
family a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.    
TC      Hugs,Jan.
Claire and Eddie
Claire and Eddie
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Jodie on a day out by the river
Ok I'm gonna scare ya! I'm a she devil.
Dont go telling everyone I am a softy really!
All worn out!
Cavs not only  make Great friends but GREAT  Pillows too!
Play time
Jo Jo
Tuli and Brin her new buddy relaxing
Abby and her best buddy
Abby in her hiding spot
Abby at her first Show
Spot the odd one out!
Don't I stand well moms!
abby too cute
hummmm yummmm
snowwwww what fun.......
Abby and Rufus snoozing
Lior ( left )  and his friend
Spinillons Seymour
Seymour AKA - Ez ( Easy)  and US Ch Spinillons  Truly Unruly
Spinillons Sunny Jim ( Bozza x Hope )
Jo is Just Jo, A puffball in the know.
A pompom with legs ,Chaos where she treads.
Sharp teeth and attitude,Everything she’s had is chewed

When it comes to food with Jo, It’s never enough, oh no.
She pushes her bowl across the floor  Looks at you, ‘I’ve got to have
some more’!  Minced duck, rabbit or pork.
She never bothers with a fork.

When it comes to toys with Jo, They’re HERS, didn’t you know?
Don’t touch that, leave it alone, Leave me in peace to chew my bone.
Go away, oh yes, please do, Buzz off; I’m fed up with you!

When it comes to living with Jo, You never have time to feel low,
She’s Tigger and Piglet rolled into one. A bouncy, fluffy bundle of  fun.
My angel, my shadow wherever I go
She’s a dream come true, my little Just Jo

By  Katherine ( for a shool Project ) 1/09
A Wonderful Poem about Jo Jo !
JoJo Jan 09
Ez and I May 11 meeting up, it was amazing to see him.
Truly Struttin Her Stuff around Her Pool!
This is the Florida Life! Fresh water, Fried Bugs and The best Home Possible!
Ez Weaves
EZ jumping