Easy or EZ  
( said with an American accent lol )
MACH 2 Spinillons  Seymour MXS MJC   

The 1st Papillon to Win at
The 1st Westminister Agility Competition 9.2.14.

We are Soooooo Proud.

As for Z's titles...  (*you need 3 qualifying legs to earn each title
-until you get to Masters level)
*You can earn only 1 leg towards each title each each day.

Multi Ch. Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons SH CM  x Ibstock Rosie Bud at Spinillons
Owned By Dr Erin Leff ( USA )

Trained and Run by the amazingly talented , respected  
John and Gayle York
What a Papillon can be........, I knew he had something special in him and though I wanted to
keep him as he was the only son of my Multi Champion,  I bumped into some old friends at
Crufts who said they were looking for a poodle as they would never find the right papillon and I
knew when I got home that he was the right dog for them to take all the way to the top.  We
took a quick photo ( which in those days was stamp size to see on the phone lol )   gave them
a call and in probably the shortest time in history a yes we want him was heard.  Flights were
changed and the beginning of history in the making  lol

Since Ez's start he has taken the agility circuit by storm and has come out with not only points
towards his titles but achieved fastest jumpers times of the day, which competing against all
breeds of all sizes is no mean feet.  He is a credit to me as his breeder and to his owner and

I am just so proud of them all and Ez has not been a disapointment for a second to anyone,
hes too busy having fun, indeed He is the 2nd fastest dog in the USA for his 8" jump height.

Here on his page  you can see a selection of photos and videos .  I could not keep updating
this page  with all his wins or I would run out of space in no time  but I will save any messages
and photos etc that I love and want to share with you as I can.

We at Spinillons believe as the kennel club does,  that all dogs should be fit for function and
that is one thing we can say for sure that
 MACH Spinillons Seymour MXS MJC    is and we
share this with pride.  Check back for more titles, photos and info added.

Click on the videos at the bottom of the page  and wait for each video to load to see him run.  
Yes that little flash of lightening is for real.
EZ and his friend
Ez Jumping
The photo that Sold a History Maker!