Spinillons Seranade JW

Co-owned with Danni Peterson - USA
BPIS/BBPIS Winner From Her Frist Show out
GB Ch, Dutch Ch, German VDH Ch, German Club Ch, Swiss Ch. Bel Ch &  International Ch.
Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons SH CM
x   Spinillons Annabelle SH CM      -  DOB: 27.12.12
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BPIS Winner
Sera First stand 4.5 weeks old
Her First Shows !

Best Puppy/Best Baby Puppy In Show - Papillon and Phalene Club of Ireland -  Judge Mrs Kitty Sjong * Denmark ) -  25th May 2013
OverAll Best Puppy/Baby Puppy in Show - Papillon and Phalene Club of Ireland - Judge Mrs Kitty Sjong - 25th May 2013

Best Baby Puppy  Judge Miss DeLuca ( Italy ) and 3rd Best Baby Puppy in Show - Judge Miss C Fallon ( Ireland ) Irish Toy Dog Society

Windsor Ch Show. 28.6.13  - Miss V Cox - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch (8) 6m 1 day
Leeds   - 27.7.13  - Miss Rosalie Brady - 1st Minor puppy bitch
Paignton - 6.8.13 - Ch Show - Stuart Mallard -  1st minor Puppy Bitch
East of England - 6.7.13 -  Geof Curr - 1st Novice Bitch

Peterborough CS - 1st Junior , and Puppy Group 2 -14.7.13
EELKS - Best Puppy ( Nigel Marsh )  and Group 1 ( Eddie Bishop ).  4.8.13
Bakewell - Winner of Puppy Bitch and Junior, Best puppy in Breed ( Lynne Crane ) and Puppy Group 2
( ?  germany )  - 8.8.13

WKC - 16th Winner of Puppy Bitch and Novice.

Best Puppy in Show and overall Best puppy in show  at Phalene club of Ireland ( Judge Joan Savage ) 10.8.13
Winner of Puppy at Bangor 10.8.13

Sera has now done us very Proud and  Won Every Class she has entered in Ireland, Including all 4 with Top
Grading at Clomnel, Killarney ,Limerick -  and Tralee August 2013.

At Richmond Sera wins Both her Puppy and Junior classes to Win her
JW at 8 m ( judge Pauline Sedgwick )

At Belfast on 28.9.13  Sera Wins Best Puppy under Grace Godwin and then
wins the Puppy Group Under
Andrew Brace.

Sera Wins BOB , Best Puppy, Toy Group 4 and Puppy Group 1, on 5.10.13  at Barking Canine Society Show
under Ian Gabriel and then Group Judge Aileen Coull.

At the South Wales Club Show 6.10.13, under Jim Ness Sera Wins Reserve Best Puppy in Show ( Rebel wins

Though we missed a few results due to being busy, I am over the moon to say Sera is happy and having a
great time with Danni and she has already won her 1st points towards her USA Ch.  Good luck ladies......
Sera Thanking the Judge Mrs Kitty Sjong
1st Minor Puppy Bitch  Windsor 2013 6m 1 day
Write up from Spinillons Seranades first UK Win at Windsor Ch Show - Miss C Cox
Group 1 at Belfast Ch Show 28.9.13 Under Andrew Brace
Group 1 Belfast Ch Show 2013 aged 9month
Sera Group win oct 13
Sera winning her 1st point in the USA