, Saff Saff , Saffy, Safarina or when naughty RINAHHHH
GB Ch. & Ir Ch
, NL, Ir, Cro & Slo Vet Ch  Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM, PPVN16,
Zagreb Vet Winner 16  - 12CCs
Multiple Ch show BIS and BVIS winner  In UK, Ireland & Holland and maker of Breed
GB Ch, Dutch Ch, German VDH Ch, German Club Ch, Swiss Ch. Bel Ch &  International Ch.
Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons SH CM
x  Ch. Spinillons A Touch of Hope      -  DOB: 28.3.07
Spinillons Saffire at 5months
Saffire 4m and Zeke
Spinillons Saffire Best puppy in show aged 7months
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Ch Spinillons Saffire with her Winnng Rosettes, 2 BIS in 2 years AGAIN!
On 31st July 11 after maternal duties  Saffire hits the ring in Ireland under Grace Goodwin and Wins another Bitch Green
Star and RBOB,  her son Rebel Wins Puppy dog and the reserve dog Green Star at just 7 months of age.
Saffire Page 2
Saffire P1 -
the begining
Saffires CC wins ( starting from 1 day out of puppy in 09 with long breaks between shows in the
UK to mature and also to have a litter ),

Mrs K Sjong – UK TOY - 2008 - BOS
Ms H Barr – Papillon club of Scotland - 2008 - BOS
Ms V Hourihaine – Windsor -  2008 - BOS
Mrs J Sparrow – Papillon Club of Scotland – 2009 -
Mr  D Mahoney – East of England - 2009 - BOB
Ms K Farrell - Papillon Butterfly dog club - 2010 - BOS
Ms V Williams -  Bournemouth - 2011 - BOS  ( Back in the Ring from Maternity Duties )
Mr R Samson -  Driffield - 2011  ( Breed History made see below in blue )
Mr B Claydon - Driffield - 2012 ( A year out of the ring for her 2nd litter & a Special  come back! )
Mrs L Stannard - SKC - 2013 - BOB
Mrs E Bates - WKC - 16.8.13 - RBOB doing the Double with Son Rebel (who went Group 3 )
Mrs G Godwin - Belfast 28.9.12  RBOB doing the Double with Son Rebel ( and Sister Sera who won
the Puppy Group under Andrew Brace )

At Bournemouth on 14th August 2011 under Esteemed  Judge Vanda Williams Saffy Wins The
Bitch CC/RBOB, her son wins Best Puppy and her Grandad wins Best Veteran.

Green Star wins  

Mr Muldoon - 2009 - Papillon and Phalene Club of Ireland - BIS Papillon and Overall BIS
Mrs A Pennington - 2009 -  Same day Win At Irish Toy.
Mr F Dickman -  2010 - Papillon and Phalene Club of Ireland -
BIS Papillon and Overall BIS.
Mrs C A Ahern - 2010 - Deise CS
Kitty Sjong - 2010 - Limerick CC
Mrs G Goodwin  - 2011 - Dun Laoghaire CS
Mrs K Radcliff - Tralee -  2011 -
BOB & New Champion/ Group 9 Winner and  BEST IN SHOW4,       
Mr B Miller - Group 9 )
Mrs K Sjong - Papillon and Phalene Club of Ireland - Dublin - 2013 -
with Grandaughter Reserve Green Star and Sister Sera BPIS.
Tuula Plathan Bangor and district Canine Club  -  August 2013 -
Bryan Claydon - Irish Toy dog Society - RBOB ( to her son ) 24.5.14

Hibernian  All breed 15.5.14 - Mr JR Walsh ( Her grandaughter GS and Son BOB )
Papillon Club - 24.5.14 - Miss E Nealy  ( Her Granddaughter BOB/BIS, Brother RBIS, Son RGS)

At Tralee Ch Show in Ireland on 21st August under American Judge Mrs K Radcliff Saffy wins
BOB, then goes on to win Group 9 under Mr B Miller and then Blows us away by Winning Best in
Show 4.  At the Same Show her Grandad Wins the Green Star dog and RBOB ( aged 12 years old
)  Spinillons Annabelle wins  the Reserve Green Star bitch and Ch (7) Grand Ch (2) Powdermill
Touch The Future Spinillons JW SH CM  Albena and Aphrodite Balkan Winner 11, wins the
Reserve green Star dog.   Spinillons Zuzzi and Spinillons Rebel Rowser win their classes too.

After a nice rest we bought Saffire out at Driffield Ch show ( 2,10.11 ) where she made breed
history,   Saffire is the first and only Papillon to win the CC out of the Good Citzen Class under
Rob Samson.  
( Spinillons are the Only Breeders And Exhibitors to have won all top awards from
the Good citizens classes )
Her son Rebel won BPD....... We are very proud of her  to say the
least, Thats 2 ch. shows this year and 2 cc's from each, not to mention her Irish wins <G>    
Saffire also holds the record for the youngest Pap to win her SH CM.  Her grandfather Zebedee
was the first papillon to ever win it.   Zebedee was also the first pap to win the first ever  good
citzen class at crufts. In 2010 Both Saffire and her father Bozza won both classes at Crufts .

Back from another Year Long Rest, again at Driffield and Saffy has a super special come back
under Bryan Claydon winning another CC, bringing her tally to 9 CC's.  I am very proud of her and
also her father who won his Good citizens class and her Son Sparkii who won his last Minor
Puppy class.  Her other son won the yearling stakes too.  A day to remember.

Saffy  won her 10th CC with BOB at SKC 2013, Her son Rebel won another RCC and her
Granddaughter Calee won her JW ( with Grad and post grad Classes )

Over the Moon that At WKC Under Eileen Bates Saffy won her 11th CC doing the Double with Her
Son Rebel, her Granddaughter won Limit Bitch and her Sisters Won their Classes.

At Belfast  under Mrs Grace Godwin, Saffy wins her 12th CC /RBOB , doing the double with her
Son Rebel again who was BOB, Her Sister Sera Won BP and Puppy Group 1 Under Andrew Brace.
She also headed us to Win the Breeder Stakes again.

Irish Toy Saffy and her son Rebel do the Double 24.5.14 again Under Mr Bryan Claydon

UK Paper 26.1.14 -  Winner of the Champion Stakes
South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society  2014 - BVIS ( Shelda Hornby )
East Kent 2.11.14 - BVIS
Papillon Butterfly Dog Club 22.11.14 - BVIS ( Mark Cocozza )
Reading and District CS -  29.11.14 - BVIS ( Nick Gourley )
Papillon and Phalene Club of Ireland 24.5.15 - BVIS - with RGS  (Mrs Jose Zijlmans)
Irish Toy dog Society Ch Show - BVIB -  with RGS  ( Julia Pennington )

MISSING INFO :( ( if anyone has please let me know )

BVIS - PPVN - Holland - 12.9.15
Bleiswijk International Show - Best Veteran & RCAC - Pamela Runderkamp 7.11.15
RBVIS - Rugby & District CS - 6.2.16 - Mr Jeff Luscott
BVIS ( & RCAC ) Rinjlands international show HOLLAND - 19.3.16  - NEW NL Vet Ch Breed judge
Rob Douma &  BVIS  Judge Dhr Jan De Gidds.

BVIS - South Wales Papillon Club ( Andrew Stewart ) 3.4.16
RBVIS - Papillon Butterfly dog club ( R Brady and Q bruce )  16.4.16
BIS & BVIS Papillon - PPNV16 ( Holland ) - Dhr Hoffman 10.9.16
Overall BIS - PPVN16 ( Holland ) - Dhr Hoffman  10.9.16     SAFFY AGED 9.5 Years
BVIB, BVIS3 and Breeder RBIS - Mr S Seymour ( breed), Mrs Ceccarelli Mr Smolic ( Breeder) -
Charleroi (Belgium)  9.10.16

BVIS3 & Veteran Winter Winner  and BOS - Cro - Feb 17
BVIS, RBIS - Papillon Butterfly dog Club - Feb 17 , Mr Richard Haynes
BVIS - Papillon & Phalene Club of Ireland and NEW Ir Vet Ch - 24.5.17 ( Mr Smolic )
BOB & BIS4, BVIS - Belgium - Papillon, Phalene & Griffon Club 16.7.17
RBVIS - Clacton & District CS ( Joy Jolley Breed and Group )
BVIS - South of England Papillon Club Ch Show - Carol Leat 6.8.17
Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Saffire JW SH CM Twice breed history maker
Saffy in the Group at SKC 2013 her 10th CC