Handy Hints and
tips for Training
Following on are some of the Hints and Tips I  PERSONALLY have found useful to use on my dogs over the years. Having been asked
to keep giving this Information to friends etc... I  finally decided to get the basics down on my site for easy reference.   All are based
on the hands off approaches.  I am always open to new ideas and  love learning and am always glad to help those in need of it,   if I
can safely.  Please feel  free to mail me if you want to know more about anything on the following pages, always glad to help.

However Please note I am not a qualified trainer Nor do I profess to be, if you are in any doubt get professional help, the longer you
leave problems the worse they get. Good Luck to those that have new dogs/pups and need these tips but remember  most of all
enjoy your dogs,  Be consistent , always stay calm and if either you or your dog are stressed  or unhappy  about  something ie a
situation or action that is happen, simply  remove your dog  calmly and safely  to a room,  crate, car etc... ( * depending on situation
and where you are ) for a time out.  This will allow you to stay in control while keeping calm  and  asserting  your leadership status in
the pack. ( It will also give you time to reassess what happened and how best to continue ).  Do  Remember dogs are pack animals
and do not like loosing the one supporting thing they have, so giving them some thinking time alone is a simple, easy and effect
thing. Be consistent and  they soon learn to trust your judgement,  that you will keep them safe but  that unwanted behaviours will
not be tolerated.   Remember Shouting or physical contact never works.

If you have any problems  your 1st port of call should be your dogs breeder, (who should have offered you a life time of support for
your  dog) and or a specialist trainer......... However do be careful who you  go
to for advice...  be it trainer or behaviourist,  as many use old techniques that wont help and they could do more damage than good.  
Go watch  them in action and if seeing what they do  feels wrong, simply  stay away.

These are my tips to housebreaking!!!!!! I hope that it is useful to any of you who have pups (or dogs of any age) or who will have in the
future.  It is all pretty logical and will definitely work BUT you need to stick to the rules.  

NB: With most breeds it works  fairly quickly…. with Paps………. Well it can
take a little longer, so don’t give up, take a deep breath and keep at it!<VBG> (
never trust them till after 2 )

Firstly  If you have already had a Pup/Dog that has had accidents in your house, before you  start training you really  need to clean all
areas that have been peed/pooped on!  Dogs smell urine (and poo) something like 10000 parts water to 1part  urine, so that means that
no matter how much water you use it will still smell like a toilet area to them.  You can get specific products to help which are  great
but remember to be careful about using bleach or any ammonia  type products as they encourage dogs to pee. (They simulate them  

I personally prefer to  Dump any  wee wee pads or paper unless with Pups in the nest. I always believe start as you mean to go along!  
If you want to use pads forever then that is fine, if not …….teach them to be clean from the start.  (NB-  if you use pads then it will take
twice as long to get your dog clean as first you must  teach them to go on a pad and then confuse them by telling them that they really
should then go outside! Think if you can teach them quickly to use the pads, then in that time you could already have taught them to go
outside - Just logic)

A great bit of advice for those that breed regularly is to get a piece of Turf and put it  in a cat litter tray.  The pups soon learn to go on
that and then can easily transfer to  going in the garden, when the time is right, it’s very natural.  The best thing about it  is that you
can easily put the piece of turf outside  for them too pee on, moving it to  the area you would prefer them to go on. You can also Rinse
off that piece of turf and reuse it at a later date having a few on the go and saving money. OK back to the asics…………..

Firstly remember  they are babies and no matter what they do NEVER EVER  SHOUT, they do not understand!  If they do it while you are
there, distract them, pick them up and stick them out, if they finish the job praise them! If you see them doing it in the correct place,
give it a name e.g. WETSIES, praise them and give them a treat!(If it is a poo give it another name)!  You need to teach them to go on

Secondly!  What food are they on? You need to find a correct diet for them!  and stick to certain feeding times!  Depending on how hot
it is and where you live  depends on how much  water you give!  In a cool place water should be given with food down for 20 minutes
and at regular times!  Food must not be left  down all day !  This is a no no!

Thirdly  a puppy until they are at  8 months old must be taken out to goto the loo RELIGIOUSLY after the following:-

*  When they wake from sleeping!
*    10 minutes after food!
*   After any playing/exercise
*  EVERY 40 mins - hour in between!
( depending on breed - sometimes is less in the very small breeds )

YOU must not give them the opportunity to wee/mess at all!  If they do it is your fault!  If they cannot be with you in your sights, you
must crate or confine them! If your little pup is going potty in his crate, his crate is too big. This is assuming you don't leave him in
there for to long, many people expect them to hold it  an entire day! A young puppy just can't hold it that long. The crate should be
small enough that he won't want to soil it, but big enough he can stretch out and
stand up.

Also get up and let them out during the night if it’s at all possible.  Yes its hard but tough,   they need  the chance to keep the crate/
sleeping area clean!  Also get up  early to let them out!  It has the added bonus of wearing them out so you  can either go back to sleep
or do any chores that need doing for a peaceful morning!

Keep them with you so that you can see any signs of them wanting to go  out at  any other time than I specified, do not let them wander
around your  place unsupervised!  If they have been to the toilet (both) then let them come  to other parts of the place as a treat,
for 20 mins (ish)  and then back out. Remember the key is to be quick and to not let them do it inside!  And not  to forget that praise is
the quickest way to get them to dothings!!!

Also  good thing to remember  is when you can lead the pups outside of their own accord, let them use those little legs after all they
are dogs no matter how cute or whatever the breed.   Making them walk to the place you want them to go helps  reinforce what they
are learning and where they should go.

Remember it all takes time, do not expect it over night and be Calm and pleasant  about it, dogs are not humans so you cannot give
them human expectations!  Make going to the Toilet a fun and happy time, they have to want to do it because they A)  understand what
you are asking them and B) you are asking them in a way that does not stress them  

I usually liken it to my husband wanting some  dinner to be made!!!  If he   asks nicely, then I am happy to oblige, if he shouts  for  it  
then  the  dinner  goes  on  the floor for the dogs and not where he wants it and infact I will refuse to do anything he asks, ignoring him
till he is nice about it !!!!!!!!!!!! <G>

Anyway good luck to any of you lucky people who are going through this! I hope that I may have been of some help.
me if you have anything to add I have missed.

1)        Always  putting meals down at set times.  Leave the food down for 20 minutes then pick it up!  Do not
respond to the dog if he has not eaten it in the desired time, just remove it and feed him at the next meal time!
( do not give tit bits in between meals except when making them work for them and only if they are eating their  
meals ( giving treats if they don't eat will only fill him up! )

2)        When the dog comes to you for attention ignore them totally! When you feel ready for some attention
from them AFTER they have gone off (or at any time you want them!)  Call him and treat them, when I say treat
this could mean play any game that they might like, a cuddle  or small bit of food!  You are reinforcing you
leadership and showing them that you call the shots. (very hard I know when they show you that cute face and
little trick to get your attention but be strong!<G>  You are not denying anything from them just making sure
you play the shots)

3)        If you ask them for something be prepared to follow it through, even if it means waiting or an hour  for  
just for a sit! LOL  (Never get annoyed )   When they finally sit or what ever the command was, praise and or  
give him a treat.  Always reinforce the good things and ignore what you are not interested in cultivating.

4)        Unless you have given your dog commands to walk ahead, Never allow them dictate where they go and
allow them  to pull ahead of you as it is their way of telling you what they want  to do and where they want  to
go by try to asserting their dominance!  You may need to put resort back to putting a lead on them at first
when in the house so that when you change rooms you can stop him from going through the door first!  When
they waits tell them how good they were!  Its not a bad idea to refresh and Practice Heel work in the house and
Garden a few times to reinforce this.

5)        Really Special treats must be worked for!  Save them.... it can be a life saver sometimes.......

6)        Never cuddle him or give him any attention if he is being shy or scared, you must totally ignore this
unwanted behaviour!     If you have a shy or nervous dog, try putting some rescue remedy in his water every
day to calm him slightly!

7)        If the dog  doesn’t like a certain person in the family!  That person that must do some work with the dog
for a while!  Everyone else must back off!  This means feeding, treating and anything pleasurable! So that the
dog only associates good things with this person!

8)         If he does any thing wrong correct it, and then praise straight away when the unwanted behaviour

9)         Personally I rarely play tug of war games. Especially never let children play rough with the dog.  Should
you decide that you must play tugging games, make sure that you always finish the game by either taking the
toy away or walking off to end the game, This avoids him thinking he is the winner and alpha dog.

10) No matter how much you trust your dog and children, never leave them alone together.  The same goes if
you have different size dogs living together. Please never get lax as accidents happen even if all the dogs
temps concerned are good

The  Sit

Take some food that he really likes and while he is standing place it above his nose!  Slowly
raise it above his head and as the head comes up they should naturally put their bottoms down into
a sit!  Do this a few times giving him the food when he is in the sit and do not forget to say sit as soon
as his bum touches the ground! (NO Need for HANDS ON - Definately do not push on his back ever)

The Down

When he is in the sitting position take the food treat and  still in line with his nose     lower hand and
treat down to the floor so that he follows the treat in to a down, you may have to move the position of
the treat depending on the dogs size,  if he is not going down straight away do not worry wiggle the
treat around and try again. You can try it from the standing position if that helps at first too as all
dogs are different.  If that doesn’t help kneel down with one leg up bent.  Using your far hand put the
treat under your bent knee and make the dog go through the bend in your knee so that he has to go
(under your leg ) in a down if he wants to eat and get at the treat.

The Stand.  

From either the down or sitting position  put the treat near the dogs nose and then keeping in line
with the dogs nose  pull treat slowly away so that the dogs stands to get the treat!

The Wait

Have you taught him to wait yet!  Right I am assuming not!  When you next give him a treat tell him to
wait,hold his collar gently!  If he goes to eat the food pick it straight  up quickly!  Repeat telling him to
wait and go to put the food down. ( you may have to do this many times) If he waits for a second say
OK, tell him good boy and give him his food!  Each time make him wait a little more for his food!  Till
he is waiting for as long as you decide.  This is a good lesson as you may need him to  wait before
crossing a road etc... it is the beginings of the stay!!!!  


This is a good lesson to teach  incase he was eating something or wants to eat something that you
do not want him to. Start with having some food in your hand and feeding it to him!  After he has
been munching a little bit!  Close your fist tight and say leave!  Let him continue to try and get the
food and then say 'Leave'  when he stops trying to get at the food then you can give a release word
such as 'Take it' and let him eat it!  Dont forget to Praise him. It should also make him take things
more gently from you.   Repeat this often so that he learns leave it means NO I can't have it yet and
take it means that he can have it with pleasure!!  Never force or chase a dog to get something.  If he
has something that he does not want to give up, have another toy or titbit ready tell him to "LEAVE"
and give him the titbit or toy in exchange so that they know that just because something is being
taken away does not mean that he will be without and we are awful!!!!!!!!!!

Bite inhibition

When you settle down to play with him and he bites!!!!  Yelp owwwwwwwwwweeee really loudly and
act hurt!  Each time he  bites you pretend that you are hurt  badly!  If he stops biting tell him he is a
good boy!  If he continues then get up and walk away, the game ends there!  Either ignore him for 2
mins or if it is very wild Put him away in his box or a safe place for a few mins! When he comes out
ignore him till he settles and then call him to you.  You must be consistant  for him to understand!   
Each time his biting should get gentler till you are at the point that you will cry out for the slightest
touch of his tooth! Basically all this means that should a child hurt him unintentionally he will have
learned that even though he is hurt,  you hurt easier and should he bite, it will be inhibited and not as
bad as it could be!


All puppies go through the I will eat when I am ready stage!!!!  Sorry no cut with me!  This is how you
start major problems!  He should eat what you give him!  Food should be put down and left for 20
mins! If it is not eaten then it is picked up until the next meal! ( still give fresh food)  A dog will not
starve itself to death and mine have been known to barely eat for a week but now they eat when food
is put down or not at all!  Take into consideration How old is he and how many meals is he on!!!!!  
When they reach a certain age they start to tell you that they want to cut out a meal!  so do not worry!


Everything on and about your dog is YOURS there for he needs to learn that you can do what you
want with his or her body, if and when you want.  Start by Holding a treat in your hand and let him
start nibbling it but do not let him have it!  As he is nibbling it, with your other hand start to touch his
body, paws, ears and sides of his mouth.  Run your hand down his back and give a "gentle" tug of
his tail, praise him all the time.  This is to get him use to being handled so that if and when he needs
medical attention he is not bothered about where he is touched as he is associating it with good
things!  Vets can be real rough with the thermometers so if he is use to having his tail pulled he will
be less bothered!  Also Get him use to having his nails done to  as many dogs do not like this!  
(Fiddle with his claws)